Is there a connection to shamanism, lycanthropy, demonology and the end in 2012?

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Ive read many books in my time. Over many subjects. I dont want any bullshit answers sayin im crazy and on drugs cuase i know what these eyes have seen and i know what the human mind is capable of. If you know any thing you should post or speak to me privatly. Im not that old but i know what im talking about. This thing with werewolves it came from a book i read about shamanism. it has legends of lavetating shamnas to healing and even shapeshifting. I think this night have some thing to do with lycanthropy. And iv herd of shamans still alive today that can communicate through the mind.

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2012 has NOTHING to do with such things you speak of
2012 was originally a conspiracy theory involving a planet called nibiru around the size of jupiter that was going to get too close/hit earth. then things evolved into “the sun is actually a binary star” then all this other shit got stirred up and now theres apparently going to be shamans and werewolfs.
PLEASE dont fall to another conspiracy. remember y2k?
the only true apocalypse is either if a destructive disease like ebola spreads, or in i think 2038, scientists predict a 1-in-45,000 chance of a large meterite colliding with earth.

many owls
heeey ;)

we will all be laughing our @sses off on december 21, 2012. except for those who went into hiding and killed themselves thinking that they didn’t want to die from a doomsday that was never going to happen.


okay then


i do not think so


your list makes me think of the sesame st. song: which one of these things is not like the others?
Shamanism has nothing to do with Lycanthropy, Demonology, or 2012.
Shamans travel up and they go below, they confront the dead and harmful forces, some shamans heal the sick this way, some are believed to cause sickness. Shaman or Saman is a word of Siberian origin-the Evenk people. Shamanism is practice many thousands of years old and may be one of the 1st spiritual paths of humans. There certainly are Shamans today, they can be men or women, they are from a variety of cultures, Shamanism is the official state religion of Tuva. They generally don’t become werewolves, or deal with demons per se, and maybe Mayan Shamans are involved with this 2012 thing but the rest are busy, highly valued community members-the honorable ones, I don’t consider anyone doing Shaman type things as tourist traps or for underhanded reasons to be Shamans.


Yeah, two years from now, the entire world of fantasy is going to explode.
Most will not notice, as it will have all the impact of a baby mouse fart.


I am quite glad to hear that you read a lot of books. It is also a good thing that you observe and remember what you see.
It would be a tad better for you if you didn’t just accept things at face value. When we go see an illusionist, like David Copperfield, we KNOW that the woman didn’t change into a tiger, or the Statue of Liberty didn’t really disappear. We might not ever know how he did it, but we are pretty sure he can’t walk thru walls. Somehow, you need to get a grip on that level of skepticism about shamanism, etc.
You are VERY RIGHT in that the human mind is capable of a lot. Mostly, though, it is capable of fooling us into believing we are seeing something we aren’t.
No one can “levitate” and all psychics are frauds. This is the year 2010… don’t you think it is about time we set aside belief in fairy tales and fables?


I don’t get it. 2012 not related to any of the above. Demonology- also no relation(it’s a science sort of say). Lycanthropy- IS A MENTAL SICKNESS!!!! Makes you THINK you are a wolf….so shamans normally are not insane in the lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-key. Shamans have nothin to do with shapeshiffting….they are told to be able to comunicate with animals on another level.
Answer: NO! There is no connection


Answer: Maybe
If you think about it, everybody get energie from the Earth, even shamans, witches and so on… and there are rules, human rules. And these’re changign bit by bit. While in 2012 there will be a greater change. Some of the human rules will be erased and replaced with not so human rules. This will indicate some chanells to open up in humans.
Lycanthropy is just one of the side effects of the slow change. Shamans can communicate with their spirit animal, which can be a wolf. Becaulse of the changes every spiritual one get stronger.
As in 2012… it won’t be some deseeaseter to happen, hte veil will appeal, and some gates will open up. That’s just it.


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