Home Discussion Forum Is there a collective consciousness and?

Is there a collective consciousness and?

what will the answer of the person posting immediately after you be?


  1. Of course not.
    v Something relatively long and thought out, since it’s being posted more than 6 minutes after the asking. Or? Something with horrible spelling.

  2. yes there is a god and he is a judge of all mankind your either on the mercy side or the judgement side your either a sheep which is a follower or you are a goat which is the enemy of christ

  3. Yes. And it has been tested and proved in the UK. 10 people got locked into a room with a very difficult cross word puzzle. Took them 3.7 days to finish it. 4 groups were given the same puzzle under the same circumstances 10 miles – east, west, north and south of the original room. The maximum of those 4 groups was 2.8 days and the minimum just under two days. It was taken further and further away, but the completed puzzles came back faster and faster. HOW?
    Note: The times might be wrong but the logic is a fact.


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