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Is there a chant I can chant to get rid of negative energy that surrounds me now?


  1. No. But start by releasing the things you can that make you feel bad and start to bring in newer things, people and activities that make you feel better. Know that people are human. Some hurt is sometimes inevitable. Try your best to see and avoid the people who hurt in greater ways.

  2. Lift up darkness from my soul
    Leave my heart
    Leave my mind
    Lift up darkness from my soul
    Leave my life
    Leave me behind
    Lift up darkness from my soul
    Fill my heart
    With positive light
    Lift up darkness from my soul
    Depart the dark
    Leave me this night
    Here’s an example. You can replace “soul” with “home” or whatever area you wish to remove negative energies from. You could even create your own chant.
    Also, any chant that makes you feel positive and happy can work.

  3. Negative energy dissipate leave this home with a haste!!
    as the previous person said u can replace home with my body or my vessel, or whatever you would like. burn some sage.

  4. sprinkles sprinkles go away. Never return to my land again. Sprinkles Sprinkles go away. Please don’t come back another day!
    That should work.
    I guess you could say spirits instead of sprinkles…
    I would say sprinkles though.
    More effective.

  5. humuna humuna humuna
    humuna humuna humuna
    icki icki icki eeeeeek
    hoo hoo hoo hoo
    fassu fassu fassu hoof
    roku roku inni woo
    roku roku fiffi foo
    polli polli polliwop
    It will at least make you smile.

  6. Negative energy is positive energy going the wrong way. Absorb the negative energy and turn it around. You can do it. You can’t change how energy comes from someone else, but when it gets to you. Just wherever you are, imagine clear blue skies, birds singing, yellow flowers, etc. Pretty soon after that those things may appear. But, don’t take anything personally and don’t allow the negative to win.

    • wow i never thought of how i can manipulate the energies in yet another way thats great how youve explained it. counter-clockwise cleansing will do now and some visualization as you suggested. thanks!


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