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Is Thelema a destructive path?

I was raised Christian and have had serious doubts about my religion for many years now. After a lot of exploration on various spiritual alternatives, the two that apply most to my life are Taoism and Thelema.
That said, I recently came across an article here: http://www.excommunicate.net/thelema-a-destructive-path about Thelema being self-destructive, spiritually speaking. However, I then saw a response to this article here: http://www.excommunicate.net/rebuttal-to-thelema-a-destructive-path saying the exact opposite!
So I need help from people who have studied Thelema carefully. Can this path really be very beneficial to my spiritual life (as I’ve found Taoism to be so far), or is it self-destructive like some people think?
If you could read the articles first, especially if you don’t know much about it, please do so before responding. I’d rather have intelligent responses about the spiritual philosophy in question than a bunch of people trying to convert me back to the thing that’s completely ruined my almost 45 years of life so far. So please, don’t respond if you’re going to talk about Christianity, or make sweeping claims about religion in general.


  1. Just don’t join the Caliphate O.T.O. Thought others would say differently. I suppose it depends on the person. As long as you don’t turn into a Crowley-worshiping sheep, it’s a wonderful path.

  2. Thelma’s an intriguing religion, I don’t know much of it, but from what I do know of it, it teaches nothing self destructive. My understanding of it, however, is based on a conversation I had with a Thelmite a good while and I only really got in depth on two of the points, which I rather liked:
    An it harm none is the whole of the law.
    Love is the law, love under will.
    Look up those two phrases and you’ll find more information about Thelma.

  3. Actually “Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. . .referring to your “True Will” or full potential, rather than doing whatever you want. “An ye harm none” is from the Wiccan Rede, which is interesting because Gerald Gardner (who started Wicca) was a student of Crowley’s. . .
    I see nothing in Thelema that is self-destructive, as it is a path that teaches the active discovery and working towards your full potential and meaning in life. Very positive and self-growth oriented.
    Many people tend to harbor a lot of bias towards Crowley/Thelema because of bad publicity/things they’ve heard/misinformation. If you take the time to actually research it, it can be a very beautiful and rewarding path. As the above article mentions, Crowley rather liked to shock the media, thus why people think he was a Satanist and other nonsense.
    Ignore what you hear about “human sacrifice” in Thelema as well. When Crowley discussed this, he was actually talking about masturbation! He wrote that piece in Italy at a time where it was illegal to talk about sex but perfectly legal to talk about murder! You’re meant to read between the lines there. . .
    As for the Caliphate OTO, to each their own. I’ve heard stories of censorship and whatnot. Personally, I just avoid the central OTO govt and focus on my local body and the members there, as I can relate well to them and have a great time (it’s a fraternal order after all). Just like any govt or anything else. . .power can corrupt. A disclaimer though: I have no personal negative experiences with the OTO, so I’m not saying power has corrupted, or anything of that sort. Just offering an explanation if the stories are true. . .In any case, OTO membership is not a requirement of Thelema, nor is much else.
    Anyway, good luck!


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