HomeDiscussion Forumis the yoga good for lose weight very quickly?

is the yoga good for lose weight very quickly?

does the yoga helps tummy to turn flat?


  1. Yoga is a relaxing exercise for the body and the mind.
    Running is the best exercise if you want to lose weight.

  2. no doubt about yoga effect, but it is a slow process where many people feel they should not get anything ! better follow natural way. creater r put solution on every problem what we face in our daily life !

  3. Not really. It helps you build strength with your own bodyweight and increase flexibility. To lose weight you need to do cardio like running ,biking, swimming etc.

  4. Yoga is more about mind, body, and soul. It is not really a quick weight loss plan. If you do yoga you will lose weight but it won’t be overnight.
    To lose weight you need to follow a regular exercise plan and eat a healthy diet. Your diet is actually more important than the exercise.

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