Home Discussion Forum Is the world moving towards one consciousness?

Is the world moving towards one consciousness?

As the world progresses, are we as a society, becoming more enlightened and moving closer to one consciousness?


  1. Yes. The Internet will become so integrated into our daily lives that language and culture will become irrelevant. We will be able to convey ideas and emotions with no hinderance, thus creating a more peaceful society, since 90% of all wars are caused by misunderstandings between peoples.

  2. I don’t think so, how do you figure that? The world is becoming more and more separate. Just because american culture is taking over every other culture doesn’t mean we have one conciousness. The american empire will fall to bits just like very other empire.

  3. Society cannot become enlightened, only individuals can. But as more and more of us begin to live lives where we know the truth – that there is only one consciousness – so we can all move up the scale of awareness. When you see the level of life most people live at, you know it will take a long time.

  4. Are you talking about cyborgs? If so I hope not. If you are talking about humans as a whole evolving into a new God. Maybe we are? I don’t like to commit to one theory or another I have wondered about this too.

  5. No way.. and why not..?? Religion.. religion creates and reinforces rifts between different communities… It spreads from generation to generation like a computer virus and perpetuates these rifts over many generations… A sick vicious cycle..

  6. I think yes, I feel more awareness of things and enlightened then 6 years ago. I feel we all have a purpose, and we need to full fill it. We are all connected or inner twined to each other for a greater purpose then to just live our lives. I feel an energy that I just know things.

  7. In the 60’s Pierre Teilhard de Chardin thought so, saying “consciousness planetizes.” In the 70’s the Moody Blues sang songs with that theme. But if you look around, you could probably make a better case for disintegration. Bipartisanship in our government has largely disappeared. Genocide is rampant in Africa. And there’s Iraq, of course. Keep the scale of things in mind, one little candle vs. cursing in the vast darkness.

  8. We are not becomming more enlightened. We might know more about how our world works, but we are not any more intelligent. Our bodies and minds haven’t evolved in 10K years.
    Also, our consciousness, how we understand our world, is based on experience. Each consciousness is different because each experience is different.
    The only way we could have one consciousness is if we’re all exactly the same. If you’re talking about a theoretical all-encompassing but very loosely defined “earth-brain” type of consciousness that’s just called Reality. If you’re talking about the thing that connects you to a tree or a stone, that’s more along the lines of Buddhism.


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