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Is the World is experiencing a great awakening or is most of the World still in a great sleep?

In a recent question someone answered that the world is experiencing an awakening. I do see many more seeking answers to Spiritual questions but at the same time if I watch the news or read the paper it seems the opposite is true.
So, as a whole are we really coming to an awakening?
If so, why do all the signs “out there” say the opposite?
Is it paradox or dichotomy?
Thank you for clarifying.
Many Blessings!
As a friend says, I am not a thumbs down specialist!


  1. The world is in a major flux, politically, world wide, spiritually, many more seekers, and the planet, well it has shown us how it can change unexpectedly and rapidly.

  2. Daniel 12:9-10
    9 And he said, “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. 10 Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.
    People may think that the tribulation before the return of Jesus is a bad thing. It is for the wicked but Not for the wise.

  3. The Awakening has been in a continual flux since time immemorial. It can indeed be seen that the great many of the world are lost in a dream, an illusion if you will.
    The Awakening however is not an event to occur for it is ALWAYS occurring. The individual awakens at some point, not always but most do. Communities eventually begin awakening and then Nations. However as one appears to awaken another falls back into the dizzying slumber of the great illusion, most often referred to as “reality”.
    Wiki “Great Awakening” and this is what you will get: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Awakening
    Is this truth? Only to the hearts whose purpose it is to serve this. Understand this if you can, time is a construct of man and is too part of the great illusion.
    Return Blessings extended to you.

  4. as much as the devil is trying his worst to fill the world full of temptation and distraction, God is in there doing His thing, too
    the end of the story is that every creature will bow down to the name of Jesus, wether or not they will be following Him.
    Jesus is coming back for a spotless bride, so yes, there is a spiritual awakening going on right now. I’m feeling it in myself as well. I want to repent and start obeying, because the end is near, and I don’t want to be ashamed at His return

  5. I feel that more are awakening…but many are still soundly asleep!
    I have an ingrained optimism….am I biased? Maybe… I trust that I was shaken awake at the time and place in my life so that I may be of assistance, when the time comes, to help others who are just stepping out of the dream. My heart tells me that everything is as it is supposed to be….that the light switch has been flipped on, and it is time to wake up!!
    Love and light to you dear Lilith!

  6. Wow! Rob P hit the nail squarely on the head! the world has been going through this forever and it will continue to do so till all upon her are no more. Some are awakening while others are falling asleep in the “comfort” of knowing “Reality”, which is so very unreal, when you step back and take an honest look at it. Civilization as a whole undergoes cycles of spiritual awareness and then returns to its humdrum existence and for now, our society seems to becoming a bit more aware than previously but give it enough time and it will all fade away into the usual humdrum existence it always tends to do.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  7. With a great spiritual awakening people who live materialistic lives will want to resist confronting deeper issues so there will probably be more chaos before there is peace and understanding.

  8. I have to give thumbs up to Rob P & Raji. The awakening is an ongoing process. Besides that is not the end game. To answer your question, I feel the world is awakening but there will be always those who are still asleep. The process of awakening is gradual as is rightly so. It will take a couple of hundred years before a significant number of world leaders awaken. After that it will be many thousands before the majority will take over. That is IF things go smoothly (natural progression). If there should be cataclysms, wars, we will be set back once more. Just as we did when the Library of Alexandria was burnt down to the ground or when we lost whole advanced civilizations like the Minoan culture. Or when the Conquistadors destroyed the Mayan culture. The process of awakening is a slow and fragile thing. It can be destroyed in a single day. All we can do is the keep awakening more and more.
    Thanks for a ‘awakening’ question.

  9. “Circumstances” are bringing the world together and that enhances the state of consciousness regardless of ones level of illusion. The fact remains that stress for a wedding and stress for a funeral takes about the same toll on the human organism.
    My personal view is that we are headed for a time of forced peace just on the basis of the haves not having enough money to sustain their rat race. If the economic situation was one sided another world war would be the more likely result.
    I wouldn’t base my view points on what the press says. What these stories are really telling is usually buried about two thirds into the report and few read that far. Also the press has never made a habit of reporting about grandma baking some good apple pie.
    In one sense the only paradox on earth is the human perception of things. There is in fact nothing going on out there except what we have imagined about ourselves or somebody else and put into motion.
    Even the Bible has many calls to the sleepers, even calling for God to awake.

  10. Is the World is experiencing a great awakening or is most of the World still in a great sleep?
    🙂 I am pretty sure it is both!
    By the way did you get my invitation? I do not think I heard back from you about it, 🙂 Best wishes!

  11. I have consulted the oracles and I am not sure which one is
    correct, so I will give both answers:
    1. Signs point to it.
    2. Ask me again later.

  12. I feel the world is still at the onset fo a wake up call. So many are oblivious to what is really going on.
    Many barely have the time to even catch the late evening news before nodding off. We are so cramped for time anymore, we hardly have time to catch our breath or think rationally. Every minute of every day is by appointment only. Sad isn’t it?
    After a full day at work, to come home or meet at a soccer game, get dinner, showers for the kids – and don’t forget to brush and floss those teeth, homework, prepare for the following day and it’s off to bed.
    It’s no wonder so many don’t really know what is going on in this country and really don’t care. They are so consumed with the day to day rat race! (Our adversary is banking on it too!)
    By the time most of us see the light, it will be a stark reality! Way past the “point of no return”…
    We will watch and be amazed with just how much can happen, so fast.
    Yes, the people shall witness the most horrific awakening this country has ever seen. Hold dear your loved ones. Get right with God, right now! God is our only hope…

  13. I can see a lot of people in USA, Britain, Europe, .. are awakening to their spiritual needs. They say that they found in Islam a way of life that satisfy their both sides of life : the material and spiritual,

  14. While one third (1/3) of the world is awake, two thirds (2/3’s) of the world is asleep.
    While 2 billion human beings are awake, 4 billion human beings are sleeping.
    Of the 6 Billion human beings that are on the planet, less than a handful stay totally awake.
    I have personally been with a human being that no longer required sleep.
    This unique human being stated that some are awake and some are asleep. A safe answer indeed, if one is asked a question concerning a planetary awakening, or a planetary slumber.
    This unique human being stated that one must stay focused singularly on ones own condition, or one would them-self fall back fast asleep.
    We should not try to discover whether others are asleep or awake.
    We should focus on staying awake, thus making it easier for others to stay awake as well.
    The world has always been awake, it’s the residents of the world that seem to crave slumber.
    Remember this: “Signs, can be deceiving.”
    My “Love”, to all my brothers and sisters.

  15. Awakening is awakening, it does not refer only to our perception of so called ‘good’, even the worst(what we think is the worst) coming in the Media may turn out to be the good of our perception too in the long run. Spiritual awakening is being aware of all that exist, good or bad. Hence, there is greater awakening now than ever before.

  16. I can only speak for myself and say that I feel more and more “awake” every day I wake up. I don’t know if its something everyone just goes through as they age and become wiser to the world or if its something I have special access to. I feel its closer to the latter when I look at the world in general. I think the more awake I feel the more I can see around me those who are in the state I was in previously. I don’t think they are degenerating or that the world is falling away. Rather, because it seems like there is so much more negativity and greed in the world it is actually a positive in that it indicates a growing awakening in the people that notice it, if that makes any sense, haven’t had me cafe yet.

  17. Thanks for your deep question! I’ve given this great thought. The world is to great to apply to my shoulders. I’m in this world, not of this world. At 51, at this age comes wisdom from right and wrong and, stop blaming and judging why the world is the way it is today.
    I personally have wasted allot my time trying to figure out “WHY”. In Isaiah the prophet who could see 600 years before his time. Warns us over and over again how it will be one day. Saul who is now Paul. had Worn scales on his eyes until his faith to believe was removed and his name was change at the same time.
    Awake? we are all awake who are taking breath. We do know, but choose to wear the scales.
    I’m not perfect by far! However, I’ve earned wisdom by my mistakes. I had to learn from time, what is dark and , what is light.
    The greatness power we process is choice whether we have a belief system or not.
    The real paradox is: you cant keep anything unless you give it away.
    Blessing to the thumb down people and the specialist of the world.
    Your sister in Christ,

  18. It doesn’t take time to awaken. One is either awake now or not. I sense more awake/aware individuals in the world now than I did 20 or 30 years ago. Either more are awake or they are just better at getting my attention.
    Projecting ones attention out into the future to anticipate something that has not happened yet is one of the surest ways to “fall asleep” again.
    The more deeply entrenched and immovable materialistic, dictatorial systems and ideologies seem to be the closer to crumbling from the inside out they are. Just look at the Soviet Union or even Iran (in the news today). The signs “out there” (as individuals, communities and nations become more and more controlling, rigid and materialistic) are telling me that the world is becoming more and more ripe for awakening.
    Real change always happens from the inside out.

  19. well, the awakening is in full swing as the age of aquarius starts to be about it’s business. there are rapid and surprising changes. many are awakening. having premonitons, intuitions, dreams and full out visions. it is only the beginning of the wave. more will come. and more will join forces of peace, love and light. sooner than you think. there are those who would resist, but will be won over with love and light. it is our duty and our job to keep the love and light right out there for all to see.

  20. there is absolutely an awakening happening. people who are tuned in are feeling it like a punch in the face. others are feeling it but ignoring while others are just not ready. so i guess the answer to your question is yes and yes. i believe the duty of “awakened” people is to get other poeple out of their deep sleep. I believe we are in the very very very beginning stages of what will be viewed by generations to come as the most important period in the history of humankind. as much craziness is happening all around we have to realize that we are needed more then ever. we have more oppurtunites to awaken our fellow brothers and sisters through sharing information, experiences, and most importantly love and acceptance.

  21. .
    Only a small personal opinion …
    I believe that as we become more awakened ourselves, we become more aware of those around us who are awake or awakening.
    The awakened have always been amongst us, but now that my attention is focused in that direction I see it more and more. I believe this is because what we focus on grows in our awareness.
    Forgive me if I generalise a little here. It is in order to make a small point.
    I feel that the peoples of certain countries have been generally awakened for many thousands of years.
    In that category, I would put, India, China, Japan and much of the eastern hemisphere.
    The western hemisphere is now beginning to wake up much more and much of this has been instigated by America, which is very beneficial to us all.
    There was a time, when, to find spiritual awakening, we needed to look to the east for our practices and meditation, but now we can find it here in the West, too.
    There is still a great deal of awakening that needs to happen in order to benefit the world more fully. But great oaks from little acorns grow … so I live in eternal hope that more and more will turn to the light that is there for us all if we seek it.

  22. I agree with many of the posts above, and then, I want to take a backward step to look at it again.
    Where is this “world” where the awakening is happening – or not happening as it may be? The paradoxical thing about life is that I am not this body and yet I have to have this body in order to know that inescapable truth. OK then, that points to only the consciousness that is not “mine”. Isn’t that where the world is – in this impartial consciousness? So how does a you or I or the world exist?
    Yes, it definitely does, and very conditionally. And if that is so, then of course in just knowing this much, the world is absolutely waking up – as it always does.
    Thank you for letting me be a small part of it here.

  23. Ah Lilith, the questions you do ask. :-))
    Easy one first. While there is a level of paradox here, what we’re seeing is mostly dichotomy – what I’ve been calling polarisation.
    Certainly a small number of people have been awakening since time out of mind but I think something different is happening here, something I first spotted in a fictional book – ‘Childhood’s End’, by Arthur C Clarke. In his book he posited an evolutionary leap for humankind. ‘Portent’ by James Herbert carries a similar visionary message.
    While I don’t believe a lot of the way Clarke saw it happening, nor his view of its completion, I do think that we are on the verge of such an occurrence. I have held this view for some years now and, as I look about me, I become more and more convinced.
    We are not awakening. We are evolving.

  24. “It is possible that mankind is on the threshold of a golden age; but, if so, it will be necessary first to slay the dragon that guards the door, and this dragon is religion.” ~Bertrand Russell
    I would include New Age spirituality among the problem he points out here.

  25. I see awakening as a biological process, and so a growing and that it’s ongoing. Yet, there does seem to be an acceleration of vibration in the universe which is causing stress on existing bodies. We can see this in increasing sickness, disease, stress, and violence all over the world. I see it like we are in the midst of an evolution to a new species of human right now. I observe increasing numbers of people reporting kundalini symptoms to me on my website each day and can see it in the internet when I search. While many are reporting signs of physical transformation, I don’t see that they are also demonstrating higher awareness. This is one of my outstanding questions, wondering what is going on with humans at this time. My current theory is the dna is turning on latent switches, thus the bodies are experiencing symptoms of metamorphosis, so then each individual is then faced with the personal choice to either ‘let go’ or ‘hang on’ to that which is being transformed – the old structure or organization of humans as personality. I guess that those who have been working spiritually over many lifetimes and have acquired enough awareness will be able to know how to pass through this metamorphosis and allow the physical change and those that haven’t will succomb to this process. I think a new body of human is needed to be able to exist in the accelerating field of increased vibration which science shows we are within. It will allow us to spontaneously adapt to increased change as well give new abilities, such as being able to heal ourselves, adapt to hot/cold, be able to eat substances and not get poisened from them, be more resilient and resistance to viruses, etc.
    To go back to your questoin about the paradox, I think what we often don’t see is that when one world is falling apart, another is rising in it’s place. So also this is what is happening with our bodies, all is an in place metamorphosis or transformation of the existing structure into a new one. Those that can adapt and allow this will survive and live to see the new world.


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