Is the universe itself a living entity with a consciousness?

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I began wondering about this after having heard Sheldrake speak
of a star such as our sun having as much electromagnetic activity as
our brains posess. The argument against Sheldrake’s proposal, as
Stephen J. Gould said was that he could see no reason why a star
would need to have evolved a consciousness. Yet, the idea intrigued
me and still does. I am not a scientist by any stretch of the
imagination but I am not close minded to scientific study, nor am I
ignorant of the fact that at any given point we may ourselves reside
at differing levels of consciousness, as I have demonstrated to my
own satisfaction through meditation (and yes, many years ago,
experimentation with psychoactive chemicals.) I wondered too at one
point if the universe were indeed alive and because it is so complex
has qualities of an “ultimate” consciousness which some might
interpret as God.
I hope someone will comment on the possibility that through
some medium a universal consciousness could exist. If so, what do
you think is the connective mechanism and how does it affect us in
our everyday lives? Could Carl Jung have stumbled across it when he
described synchronicity as an acausal connecting principal? Did
Sheldrake come even closer to the truth when he wrote of
morphogenetic fields and morphic resonance?
Thank you for your attention and consideration.

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matt s

The first philosopher to comprehensively cover this concept was Spinoza.
The Universe is God:
God is the entire universe


No, the universe does not meet the definition of a living thing. It does not have a metabolism, it does not consume food and it does not reproduce.
In a semi-related vein, viruses are not alive either, when they are outside a living host.


Quite the question…Gene Shoemaker’s theory was that life is abundant thruout the Universe landing everywhere…only certain landing places (planets) will incubate . The mind will never be able to comprehend itself ! it is still a guessing game…always will be until the afterlife….hopefully. The paranormal does exist.

amiram a

Such a beautiful nonsense.


Stephen J. Gould and Carl Sagan are not seekers of knowledge but, rather protectors of old ideas. Since you are open to ideas of cosmic consciousness maybe you could incorporate the complexities of religion into the equation. Anything shared like perception, emotion, joy, sorrow, life, death, silence and discourse actually exist, they are constant energies not random happenstance. Truly, the question you pose would involve every aspect of consciousness even those you have never ascribed to.
I have always felt that light, dark, trees, wind or anything felt or perceived is a living entity, even death itself but, the connective mechanism, assuming there is only one, is my perception of God.

Scott S

The way I see it, we are a part on the universes consciousness.


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