Home Discussion Forum Is the Universal or Higher Consciousness in a nutshell God?

Is the Universal or Higher Consciousness in a nutshell God?


  1. Yes. And in my beliefs, that God sent His son Jesus Christ down to earth to die for us, so that our sins won’t count against us and keep us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

  2. I never knew there was a Universal or Higher Consciousness in a nutshell, I always thought nutshells contained nuts…..

  3. In a manner of speaking yes. The main difference between truth and error in this concept of God, is some people assume that God is the universe, and therefore He is spread out in space and somehow divisible. That is erroneous.
    He is above it, but present throughout it, and in control of it. The universe is subservient to God’s will, not the other way around, and randomness is only a mathematical concept, not God’s method of organizing.
    Think of the universe as God’s child. It is like the parent in that it manifests His awsomeness, power, love, beauty, wisdom, goodness, etc.
    It is from Him, so it is like Him, but it is not Him. It is creation not creator.

  4. That’s how I see it. There’s a fine line between atheist and theist. It really comes down to acknowledging the metaphysical and unexplainable scientific phenomenon we call nature. The rule of metaphysics is that we are constantly striving toward a homeostasis or complete balance (perfection). I believe this is heaven; at the crux of natural advancement we will meet the masterming behind this universe who will reveal all of nature’s secrets. It is wired in our souls that we yearn toward progression, constantly evolving. I don’t think God has a form and I think He rarely interferes with mankind (only when sending revelations, which He has completed doing). Those holy books are simply signs to His magnificence.
    I’m Muslim but I hardly think I’m a typical one =]


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