Is the underlying logic behind "crystal healing" essentially "ooh look! shiny rock!"?






  1. for some, like me, im a fan of glittery or shiny,,
    but that aside, i dont see why they cant have energy,
    and if energy like electricty can pass through wires and be powering the computers we are all typing on, if we can harness it ,like we have,
    , if we can split the atom and use that energy to destroy places, i dont see why we cant use the energy from a crystal to heal
    liek both the atom and electricty, they werent always known or understood liek we do now
    they wre ‘discovered’ and before they were, they would have been considered insane and impossible
    we may not understand it, but i dont think thats a reason to think its impossible, i think wed all be pretty stuck in our own wee world if we did that and not have any of the brilliant things we have in this life

  2. It’s a revival of some medieval or older ideas and probably tied up with alchemy.
    Since some crystals like quartz when vibrated mechanically produce electical oscillations and the other way about, the frauds that promote this stuff go on about “vibrations” and the suckers fall over themselves to buy books and cheap crystals which may well be pieces of coloured glass, the suckers would not know either way.

  3. Magnets do “something” , why not crystals?
    I’m really nuetral. I’m Catholic Christian. “anything is possible. Anything can be, child.” shel Silverstein
    have you lost the magic? in your life? Regardless, I don’t mean to inusult your life, it happens, stuff happens, most of us “Grow up” and grow very very bored at work, for days and day s and weeks on end. it’s not the fun high school creative play times anymore?
    Here is a link about placebos, they have known affects. Don’t knock it til you try it: Crystals.
    Like attracts like.
    Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes.
    the subconscious identically creates.
    ~ Brian Adams
    This quote is so great, on so many levels…

  4. Pretty much.
    People get surprised they don’t get results.
    Really? You’re surprised? You’re surprised that a rock didn’t do anything?

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