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Is the tribal level of consciousness at the beginning or the end of the development of consciousness?

or is it both or either, depending on where you are?
It seems like we come full circle, if we ever make it that far.
Blapperz – yes! ha ha ha ha
This question is for people who understand what I am talking about, maybe no one, but at least I asked.


  1. Tribal preceeds individuation of consciousness; the first to move from tribal or collective awareness to increasingly individual awareness are the “chief” and the “shaman.”
    Modern societies have a dynamic between individuation and interpersonal, mirror neuron-type social intelligence.
    The process is more like a spiral moving upward in time, rather than a 2D circle.
    Sources: “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton,
    “Man, Master of His Destiny,” O. M. Aivanhov.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  2. The development of consciousness depends upon the stored knowledge from which it is projected. Tribal levels of consciousness, though simple, and probably blissful because of simplicity, can be considered lower states of consciousness, then maybe an ecologist’s consciousness of today trained to understand the tribal mind as well as his profession and other facts about life.
    I think tribal mind is the beginning of consciousness. I get what your trying to infer…the Tribal mind is more in-tune with nature, and this is where it must began, and where the out of touch conscious (materialistic consciousness) must begin again, or start over. I like to contradict that cycle by saying that time in that way, doesn’t have to repeat itself, unless we allow it to. We don’t need to be caught up in that circle if we find balance harmony between both extremes of consciousness – ‘materialistic’ and ‘tribal’. Its called the golden path.


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