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Is the term New World Order a system that includes all the world conspiracies?

Who could be the master mind behind the so called New World Order?


  1. The term New World Order is referring to end time prophecies in the Bible where the anti-Christ will lead a single government to rule the whole world, using one single currency. The mastermind behind it is God.

  2. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe the term New World Order appears in the Bible. Again, though, I could be wrong. It’s just tough for me to imagine how such a clunky, jargony sounding American-English neologism would have been translated literally from the richly poetic Ancient Greek that the Bible was written in. However, much described in the Prophecies of Revelations does match up with various New World Order conspiracies. Ossama and Bush are both pretty obvious examples of false prophets manipulating sheeple into carrying out an agenda destruction and violence.
    It is probably silly to think that any one person could be the master mind behind a conspiracy to control the world. What we have are different groups of economic and military leaders who do actively conspire together to concentrate as much wealth and power as possible into the hands of themselves, their family and friends. There is a class of economic elites who view the rest of us as a lower form of life that must be contolled and enslaved–and if need be, abandoned to perish in the natural dissasters or epidemics they have wrought upon the world with their psychopathic and relentless poisoning of the environment. And they are fully prepared to murder us in the streets or herd us into camps. They have of course been doing this in many parts of the world already for years–but meanwhile, here in America we have been too pre-occupied with idiotic television and mindless consumption to pay any attention. But now that they have made us Americans fat and stupid, we will be taken down next.
    Why do you think we suddenly are seeing private corporate armies like Black Water? Because historically, soldiers have shown great reluctance to fire upon their fellow citizens–the communist party hardliners’ attempt to re-seize control of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 failed only because rank and file Russian troops ditched their tanks so they could take flowers and shots of vodka from the sweet Russian honies who were lined up to protest at the Kremlin. A large reason that the Neocons staged their illegal invasion of Iraq was so they would have an off-shore location to develop private, corporate mercenary armies.
    The Bush family has been involved in this kind of thing for generations now. Prescott Bush was involved in a cabal of fascists who approached retired Marine General Smedley Butler about leading a military coup against FDR. Butler testified about this before Congress, but it has been one of the most over-looked and ignored moments in US history. This had become one of the most overlooked incidents in American history. FDR himself was involved in the coverup, just as Gore was involved in covering up rampant voter suppression and election fraud committed against him in Florida in 2000. The elite in both political parties will take a kick in the teeth from their rivals before they will ever allow the dupes that make up the masses to understand just how thoroughly we are being manipulated.

  3. The term “New World Order” is more a descriptive code name given to an agenda; the agenda of bringing about a “One World Government”. You might call it the “Mother of all Conspiracies”. This agenda is and has been being executed by the Illuminati (a.k.a. : The Illuminated Ones; The Enlightened Ones; The Global Elite; The Money Changers; International Bankers; World Bankers; Secret Government; Shadow Government; “The Powers That Be”; Puppet Masters; Sheeple Herders).
    The Illuminati is a group that practice a form of faith known as ‘enlightenment’. It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic druidism. They have taken each foundational practice and joined them together into a strong occult discipline. The Leaders are extremely wealthy people, known mostly as International Bankers, who finance goals and interact with the leaders of many countries. Their elite members include members of The Rothschild family, The Rockefellers, The Morgans, The Mellons, and The Warburgs just to name a few.
    Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy
    In 1913, members of these International Bankers Shanghaied the U.S. government and economy: They managed to take control of the U.S. Monetary system. After seventy years of failed efforts, they were able to railroad the Congress and the President to pass the “Federal Reserve Act” and the “Income Tax Act” (Revenue Act). With the passage of these acts, our government is now required to pay interest, to the bankers, for money that is printed by their own privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. Before the passage of the Act, our government would just pay the printing cost for the money. Also, the people are now taxed for their labor, where as before, only capital gains was taxed. These two Acts help put billions of dollars into the control of the “World Bankers”: Money which they (“these enlightened people”) could use to direct our country and its people as they see fit. They now have control of the most powerful nation in the world, including control of its industries, national media, government agencies and military. Today, they use this power to secure most any resource they want from most any country.
    There is video and photo evidence that captured members of the Illuminati and their guests (many U.S. Presidents and other high ranking officials), at Bohemian Grove California. There they were secretly filmed, wearing red robes and worshiping “Moloch”, a giant stone owl of Babylon origin: The same owl that is printed (strategically hidden) at the top right corner of every one dollar bill the Federal Reserve Bank prints. They are definitely engaged in some sort of an occult practice, complete with all the rituals and symbolism that go along with occults. See time = 1:13:00
    The following link contains a list of organizations they have infiltrated and secret societies they control. It also contains a little history of the Illuminati and their strategy for bringing about “The New World Order” or “The One World Government”.
    This following video, tells most every important detail of the Illuminati. It will show you Who they are: Where they originated from: How they operate: Where they derive their money and power: Their goals and methods to achieve them and what impact they have on our government/ society/and the world. It will show you how to easily prepare for an economic disasters to keep a roof over your head and bread on the table for you and your family. The key to survival is knowing they control our currency, so you’ll need a medium of exchange that is out of their direct control, in case they decide to pull the plug (make money scarce or without value).
    How the International Bankers Gained Control of America
    Additional Information
    The Illuminati and the New World Order
    The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations
    Additional Reading
    BEHOLD A PALE HORSE by William Cooper


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