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Is the subconscious mind really just the soul?

I read this somewhere once before. I’ve also read that your body is a reflection of your subconscious.
What gives? What is the subconscious mind? Does anyone know?


  1. No, the subconscious mind is the part of the mind that is subconscious. That is all. It is contrasted with the conscious mind.

  2. it is all the info passed down in our dna that we suppress trying to be advanced and civilized
    when I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all

  3. That is a question for the ages. I don’t think anyone will be able to answer this question. It is an opinion.
    I think the subconcious mind is part of it, but not just the soul. Or the soul isn’t just the subconscious mind. I think our soul is too big of a thing to ‘just’ be our subcounscious mind.
    Just my opinions.

  4. Definitely not. Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind are two things different from Soul. If the sub-conscious mind happen to be the soul, you should remember all your past lives, since the same sub-conscious mind is changing bodies.

    • Hypnotism has proven that people remember past lives in great detail (detail just as clear as their present lives).
      Not all people can be tapped into by hypnotism, but many have been.
      So that would indicate the subconscious survives death.
      So I can see why people attach the word ‘soul’ to it.

  5. That would make the soul a little morally ambiguous. You’d be surprised what kinds of actions your subconscious leads you to.

  6. You could try to see it that way, but the subconscious is much more feral then the conscious mind.
    The ‘soul’ is generally considered the value of all the parts, assuming treating the body as separate from the ‘mind’, the subconscious would only be a part of the soul. Other parts include self perception, conscious thought, instinct… anything that’s not directly attributed to pure bodily function, the definition of which is really weird.

  7. The subconscious is everything you know or have every experienced that you are not currently aware of, it is almost the entirety of the human mind. It has nothing to do with the soul.

  8. Soul and God are one. Subconscious mind is not soul. What you are, is soul. You are not this body, senses, mind or intellect. That is all which we don’t know.
    Be Happy.

  9. You don’t have a soul………….just a body and a mind. The soul you read about in scripture is more about what you think of when someone says “Man, that person’s got soul!” It’s about being full of life. The whole subconscious mind thing is really just a psychologists way of describing things below the surface that affect what we do say act but we may not be aware of it. Hurtful things in the past or any other difficult memory that our mind blocks out in order for us to operate each day effectively. When it comes down to it they are all (subconscious, soul) just words people come up with to describe things they believe in. What one person calls a soul another calls spirit another calls life. What one person calls subconscious mind another calls skeletons in the closet and another calls a $300 counselor fee.

  10. No. “Soul” and “subconscious mind” are from two seperate fields: religion and psychology. Psychology rarely even bothers to discuss “soul” and when it does it tends to look foolish. “Soul” is about your “spiritual self” or “immortal self” but is a somewhat nebulous concept as different religions teach as if it were your whole self (including physical body), partial current self (an element of the psyche), and seperable entity from mind and body (such as when you die, the body dies, but the soul lives on).
    “Subconscious mind” is a part of Freudian psychology, aka “psychoanalysis.” Freud split the mind into several categories of competing personas: Id, Ego, and Super-Ego. These include the self-mind (the ego), the more primative/ animalistic mind (the Id), and the moral mind (the super-ego). The Id and Super-Ego tend to be the war between morality and base urges. “Conscious” and “subconscious” tend to draw battle lines between these forces as the Ego has principle control during consciousness, where as subconscious is where the Id and super-ego fight things out. In dreams, these two other forces gain more control and work more creatively.
    If you shift gears to Cognitive psychology, purists of this branch of psychology did away with Psychoanalytical concepts and revised “conscious” and “subconscious” to simply mean things in relationship to the filing system format that works with their computer analogy: what is “conscious” is what is the predominant working process (what you are immediately aware of thinking and doing); what is “subconscious” is working in the background (all those other processes you don’t think about that are also running – usually rountine). For example, unless you really do think too much, you don’t have trouble writing in Yahoo!Answers and chewing gum at the same time. You’re more conscious of what you read and write, but you still remember how to chew gum and don’t have to concentrate on every move of your jaw.
    Anyhow, in both paradigms of psychological theories, “subconscious” is definitely different than “soul.”
    My best guess for a psychological equivalent is the combination of the Id, Ego, and Super-Ego as all of these elements get judged, but it’s more the Ego than anything else as Freud really borrowed much of his ideas from myths and legends and in this case is almost literally taking the idea of a person with a devil and an angel sitting on each shoulder arguing for attention. (I’m not much for Freud as you may guess).
    A more general term might be that your “mind” is your “soul” (if you go with the seperate-from-body belief) since your “mind” is not equal to “brain.”

  11. Let’s try an analogy. There is part of my computer that I cannot detect with any of my senses. No matter what programs I put into it or how I use it, it doesn’t weigh any more, taste any different, smell, feel any different. Yet I know there is something in my computer that determines what I see on the screen. And I can readily change that part that I cannot detect by inputting information or adding new programs.
    Our subconscious mind is like the software in our computer. It controls the operation of our bodies and even as in your suggestion the manifesting of our lives. Just as you can determine the software in your computer by observing what is on the screen, at least one with knowledge of the subconscious can tell what is in a persons subconscious by observing what is happening in one’s life. No exceptions! An example: a person who considers themselves “lucky” will have many unexpected positive things occur in their lives as compared to one who considers themselves unlucky.
    As a soul everyone is exactly the same, a part of the Oneness. The sub-conscious mind in contrast is what makes each one unique or different. Both are similar in that they cannot be observed directly, but only by the effect they produce on other parts of our personality as our body or environment and the experience of our lives.

    • I will say the Sub-conscious mind is the heart of the soul full of personality, habits, energy, creativity, emotions, connections and feelings that can change but is difficult and hard work. The Sub-conscious mind is bigger then we think, thus also the soul. Half Science half Spiritual (cannot be defined by our limited dimensions that we are trapped in)
      The Soul is proven by the bible, the Bible is not proven wrong yet, most of the stuff in there is knowledge that works, things that happened, things that was not understood by now understood, mysteries and secrets, things yet to happen, description on how love works and how the Spirit works… amazing stories and prophets… science and creation … oldest book in history …
      Remember your soul is not your spirit. According to the bible the spirit dwells in your soul and seek it with fire. Thus if you have Jesus in your heart he with the Holy Spirit dwells in your soul and sub-conscious mind and rebuilds places in it and protects it…

  12. I have never come accross this discussion before, But connection between Soul and Subconscious sounds Interesting. Mostly If you will talk about soul your world ends on what you believe in.
    I read in a book that this Author developed suicidal tendency and at times he thought that he cannot live with himself anymore, If you think in this way, you will observe two different Identities of you; pretty much like what Buddha described. If Subconscious Mind according to what I read and felt Regulates, Protects, Developes, Shapes & Guides my physical being then whats different than to a second Identity within me, a part of me.

  13. This is a very very good question- and one that is so important in todays world. The sub or unconsious mind is formed after the soul enters into the body. The real question should be–what is the relationship between the subconsious mind and the soul- that is the work I’m currently doing. Meditation is the practice of calming the unconscious mind to reach the soul- but the unconsious mind then becomes translator to put the experience and knowledge into tangible or relatable terms…the real experience of the soul is something outside the unconcious mind, but existing in a kind of system while here on earth. I’m a hypnotherapist who is trying to figure out how to access the soul through the unconcious mind, and put them more into harmony. If anyone else knows others who are involved in this kind of work, please give them my email. Thank you! Love and light, Philip

  14. The subconscious is like a receiver-and the conscious has the ability to tune into thoughts that the subconscious has gathered throughout ones lifetime as well as like Darwin says–dna–knowledge inherited and genes that have mutated to bring to this point in time–the subconscious is a vast store house that when needed surfaces to the conscious–like a WoW–where did that come from moment–almost a mystery and and beyond belief–


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