Home Discussion Forum Is the strange voting in the Parapsychology section paranormal in nature?

Is the strange voting in the Parapsychology section paranormal in nature?

Why would one person consistently get far more votes, every time without fail, than anybody else? Seems… ghostly to me.
Votes are when you click on “Choose a Best Answer”.
Thumbs up/down aren’t votes.


  1. Do you mean positive or negative votes? If positive people like the answer, if negative, people think the answer is BS. The voting system is not rocket science and if you need it explained to you maybe yahoo answers is to advanced for you.

  2. If you mean thumbs up…what about one person (not me) getting so many thumbs down for good answers…just for giving accurate information and links in answer to the questions.

  3. Well my answers are based on the first thing that pops into my head. I figure that is why I get so many thumbs down, its really annoying.

  4. Or maybe it is because this section is supposed to be about ghosts, and paranormal activity and unexplained phenomenon and more people than not haunt this site who believe in anything but.

  5. I’ve noticed that I tend to get negative votes in just about everything I say. But I also get positive votes. Regardless I usually only reply to something unless I have something to say and then I give my honest opinion.
    So my answer is that there is nothing paranormal going on its just some people are assholes with nothing better to do. Some people make easier targets than others too.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if I got a negative vote though.

  6. Thumbs up and down aren’t always indicators of good answers, but they’re always good indicators of the popularity of answers.


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