Is the spirit of Aleister Crowley still alive?

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only in his followers

Pagan Rebirth

Indeed. He is hard to contact though, unless you know where he is in the astral realms.

The Chaos Within

He is just as alive as Jesus is.


Ask Jimmy Page…

poly guy

Do a reading from the Thoth Tarot – you can almost feel him right there.


The spirit of Aleister Crowley was never alive. He is now awaiting the 2nd death – the Lake of Fire.

lost and found

Yes, his spirit is alive and in eternal torment.


“If you believe … he will come.”

bill k

There are still followers of Thelema, and the golden dawn, both of which dip into Crowley’s writings to some degree.
Also, as long as one can find H.P. Lovecraft’s, Crowley’s influence is still found.


he’s burning in the pits of hell

Moiraes Fate

Crowley was a nut. I hope not.

The Professor

Yeah, he works at a 7-11 in St. Louis


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