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is the soul the spirit and the astral body are all the same thing under different names or do they differ?


  1. I believe they are the same thing, just different words. Christians would say the soul or spirit, pagans would say the Astral body, and most everybody says the soul.

  2. The human soul is the entire person, including his fleshly body, we should expect the Bible to refer to the soul as being mortal. Does it? Yes. The Bible speaks of ‘holding back,’ ‘rescuing’ and ‘saving’ a ne”²phesh or soul from death. (Psalm 78:50; 116:8; James 5:20) We also read: “Let us not strike his soul fatally.” (Genesis 37:21) “The manslayer must flee there who fatally strikes a soul unintentionally.” (Numbers 35:11) “Their soul will die in youth.” (Job 36:14) “The soul that is sinning–it itself will die.”–Ezekiel 18:4, 20.
    The Greek pneu”²ma (spirit) comes from pne”²o, meaning “breathe or blow,” and the Hebrew ru”²ach (spirit) is believed to come from a root having the same meaning. Ru”²ach and pneu”²ma, then, basically mean “breath” .As the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Vol. VI, p. 336) states: “Breath may be discerned only in movement [as in the movement of the chest or the expanding of the nostrils], and it is also a sign, condition and agent of life, which seems to be esp[ecially] tied up with breathing.” Hence, the nesha”§mah”², or “breath,” is both the product of the ru”²ach, or life-force, and also a principal means of sustaining that life-force in living creatures.
    Astral has to usually be channeled in by a medium and thus would be an evil spirit or demon.

  3. 1Co 15:39-42 All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds. There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption:

  4. Hello Gorgorot
    (FWIS) (From Where I Stand)There is no link between Soul and Spirit.
    Spirit is more akin to My (E-WATT Being) (Every-Where All The Time Being)
    but more in the sense of, the substance of all past/ unchanging manifestations.
    The Soul is a dualistic construct, a continual state of Self Judgment, the Soul is formed to reassure the self of it’s existence, and is only thought of to improve the opinion, the Good qualities of the Self, or maybe to judge the grave distance from the ideal fabrication that is normally beyond reach. The Self also a fabrication. The Soul, like the Self is an absolute necessity, for those that will not embrace the Spirit. After death the Soul enters the unchanging state, its a continuous state of self and occupies your spaces in the death net. Attachment to the soul is a hindrance to freedom to be All.
    Mind however is one of the enduring existences of the All. Mind is not dependent on the physical body. It can contain the Ideal of your being with no attachments to the physical. the mind normally developed skills so that the mind can reestablish a form of/in substance that can stimulate your/others sensory registers. The soul cannot do this, as it is an illusion of the self . In short the soul is an illusion that is the outcome of judgmentof the self and others in comparison to the self. (WHY)
    FWIS) This is so. First is our own physical Body,
    that generates the Ethereal Body or Astral Body,
    this Body can be felt with your hand inches away from your own arm,
    however it is not “imprisoned in the body”.
    Most often it can touch a angry person far away, noting greed and lust also.
    It can recognize one metal from another lost in the gravel.
    It may expand to the darkness between the Stars in Space.( Very refreshing!)
    It can enclose the person that has silently tried to turn a locked door-knob
    or that person far in the back of the bus that stares at your back and their intent.
    Technology has photographed it, called it aura, and can be seen by those of us with that skill.
    A skill easily learned by most and is like, what is seen of the Moon through a screen door.
    This Body, joined in our mind, is seen as yourself in your dreams from afar, say seeing yourself swinging in a swing.
    . Yet when Ethereal/Astral body and the Mental body joined with your Will,
    you feel the rope/chain, feel the air pass through your hair,
    and the toe of your shoe drag in the dirt/sand. Best of all, you remember it when you awaken.
    The best way is to condition your Will to look at your hands,
    this brings you control over your dreams.
    Sorry if I strayed into detail of the subject,
    but that is where the Devil is
    and the construction of a Soul is the handy work of judgements of the Self and others.
    Unlike Spirit,
    the construction of the Soul begins with the desires of the Self and then the loss of innocence.
    Self in it’s isolation limits the awareness of the All/Spirit (WHY) WHYMASTER47@cox.net

  5. No.
    Your spirit stays in your body.
    Astral body doesn’t…. it is “imaginary” or you can form it. The mind can’t handle not having a body.
    What you actually project is the consciousness,


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