is the soul housed in the pineal gland.?

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The soul is the body. The mind works with the pineal gland, which is where the ‘I’ idea is made. Does it house, the ‘spirit’ I think the whole of the soul does that.


I believe it is. Research into the pineal gland is showing us just how incredibly mysterious it is. Have you read DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman? If not I highly reccomend it to you.
It is definitely our physical door to other worlds of consciousness.

Brian ~Third time's a charm~

According to Descartes it was.
However, Cartesian Dualism runs into major problems. A Cartesian soul more than likely does not exist.


Depends on what you mean by soul. It’s one of many words that could mean almost anything.

Oleg B

Human body is 98% of water…Water is a combination of protons and electrons .Well, water is essentially empty space between mentioned, about same 98%.. so there is plenty of space for Soul to reside. Whole body would be a bridge between material and immaterial

Sada-Shiva con Párvati.

No querido amigo, eso creo que lo dijo Descartes.Pero lo cierto es que la glándulas solo tienen que ver con los estados mentales.El alma está más allá de esa comprensión.Saludos.


The soul is housed in the heart. The seat of the soul. to see with your heart.
Emotion, feeling and thought of the heart is more important than anything.
people are heartsick which makes their souls sick.


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