Is the seat of our soul our pineal gland?

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as Rene Descartes once said. . . I personally believe it’s outside our body completely. Just like the Uud in Dr. Who.

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There is no such thing as soul, the fact that you have used Dr. Who as a reference pretty much sums up the situation we have here.
On the one hand we have actual science, on the other hand we have fantastical pseudo science mixed in with popular sci-fi TV programs, movies and religion.

Feathered Serpent!

I suggest feeding your pineal gland some more fnords.
The Uud were so cool.

Hally M

People can have their pineal glands removed if they are cancerous. Are you saying these people no longer have a soul?

richard m

we have no soul, nor do dogs, cats or insects


The pineal gland is centred in the middle of the brain and is connected to the third eye which is found in the centre of the forehead.
These two powers combined allows one to have psychic vision and see clairvoyantly. all mediums must develop this ability.
It can take a long time to acquire this technique through long periods of meditation. In my case about two years.


The seat of ones conscious awareness is not situated inside the human body. The millions of medically recorded NDE’s testify to that. Probably situated in the 7th chakra position just above ones crown.
We are a soul, a living breathing organism. The pineal gland is the gate way to ones spirituality. It is the third eye. It is a fluid filled sack with rods and cones and in some animals it even has a lens and cornea. 🙂
It is the organ that enables us to visualize with our eyes closed, and much much more. 🙂
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks


Nope. The pineal gland is what makes us have a body clock, and helps us recognise that night time is when we sleep. It’s also pretty small, I doubt there would be room for a soul in there 😉

John W

I would say the mind (spirit) but not the soul.

bad tim, dance the maypole

the existence of distinct souls is an illusion created by our separation from the divine. the seat of our soul is the universe.

Raji the Green Witch

The soul or spirit, as I refer to it as, isn’t essentially a part of the human body at all. In fact it is quite the other way around. The body is a tiny part of the spirit which is connected to the Spirit by the most tenuous of connections. This “pineal gland” thing is a part of the long standing search for the “God organ”, which many Abrahamic Religions have searched for over centuries to much avail. They tend to believe that the soul or spirit has LEFT the realm of the Spiritual level of existence to “take residence” within a body. the spirit is and always will be completely a part of the Spiritual Realm, completely cut off from the mortal realm and only loosely connected to the entire body. There is no one single spot of connection, it is more like the body is immersed in a fluid of spirit where the spirit can make and break connections at any point yet still remain connected at many other points, and these change constantly, depending on emotional and physical circumstances in both. At death, the spirit is simply free to flow around the body and flow off into the rest of the spiritual realm, much as the water in a stream which flows around an impeding rock, having been connected to the rock tenuously but is able to break that connection to rejoin the flow of the stream at any time. To find evidence of the spirit of a person is akin to finding material evidence to a God. It is simply NOT going to happen, you are comparing apples to pomegranates.
Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch


It’s all relative. The Ancient Egyptians believed it was in our hearts.


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