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Is the religion ego’s funny way of making us feel like were better then seculars?

there are many layers of ego, even the spiritual person will get the ‘look at me’ Im spiritual’ type of ego

or ‘look at me, I don’t eat pork’ type of ego

it’s all BS if you ask me ego’s last stand, God is a divine force that is everybody it judges not and it makes no laws

look at me, Im telling you what god is,,,what a big ego i have

dialouge is always ego, ,,, free your mind


  • Then leave the discussion forum before you crack open form you ego of knowing us so well in such a stereotypical way.

  • NO, Belief in Christ makes you realize that you are no better than anyone that is why we put our faith in Jesus and his plan for salvation through his sacrifice and by his grace that we might reach heaven and worship the father.

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