Is the reincarnation that Hinduism teaches considered as a type of Theistic Evolution?

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Is it possible to consider reincarnation as just another form of Theistic Evolution or Evolution in general?

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No, your spirit does not have genes.
Assuming you have a spirit to begin with.


No. It’s the working out of karma.

Nerdlinger the great ape

Reincarnation doesn’t refer to biological structures. It refers to the individual consciousness/awareness associating with different biological entities. There is not necessarily any genetic connection between the bodies in which one takes incarnation.

New Creation

The laws of karma and reincarnation are man made and wretched.
If you travel to a places in the world where people truly believe, you will find the true nature of it and how it holds people in it’s grip.
Thanks to lack of education and with the help of men like Deepak Chopra,
Westerners have a very watered down idea of it.
Take for example a person that has caused much destruction – Hitler, for example, as his name always comes up. Karma and reincarnation teaches that upon his death, the bad karma he accumulated goes on into another life but the recipient has no idea of the weight they are carrying. Hitler’s soul could be reincarnated into another person, animal or insect. There are some people that wear mouth and nose coverings to avoid breathing someone in. (I’m not joking.)
In countries where karma rules the day and homeless children roam the street, other citizens do nothing to help them. Not because they are cruel but because the child has accumulated bad karma and they believe the sooner the child dies he can begin again. I saw a news article a few years back about a heartbroken mother that had lost her 13 year son to an early death. Just after the funeral, an iguana walked into her home. The photo showed her with tears rolling down her face as she held it – because she was convinced it was her son reincarnated.
I strongly suggest the book by Ravi Zacharais called “Jesus Among Other Gods”. He was raised in India and has a clear understanding of these things – and he takes strong offense to the tripe dished out by Deepak Chopra.


Since the question is with respect Sanaathana Dharmam(a.k.a.Hinduism)>
>Aatman(Soul?) entering into a carnal body again is Punar Janmam(re-incarnation?)
>Aathman neither evolves nor devolves-It is Eternal for zillions of years.”Athaha Ayam Saasvathaha”
>So there is no question of Theistic evplution orplain Evolution


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