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Is the Red Path open to Non-Indians? Is there a way I can learn from an actual Native American Indian?

I have been wanting to learn about Native American Religion, Medicine and Shamanism. I have read books, but would love to have an actual teacher. I have found that this path speaks to the soul, to respect and cherish all living things, to see things as sacred. I have read on some websites that it is not open to non native peoples. I can totally respect that, but I just wonder if ALL Indians feel that way.
Thanks so much!
I meant no disrespect, I meant Native Americans, I have also seen it written as Native Indians, so that is why I incorporated both to cover it.
I actually read both those pages on that website, that is why I posed this question.


  1. Growing up I was taught that the spirits don’t see the color of your skin, they go by whats in your heart, and if you have belief then why not? My father is a Ikce Wicasa, common man, but he is also a Heyoka, and runs a lot of sweats. During the summer months, we have people from all over the world that comes to sweat and comes for prayers, last year we had guys from Germany. My father is really open to helping people. He does it the right way too, there are people that do things for the wrong reasons, like Natives that do sweats and sundances and all things sacred stuff for foreigners and want money for it, thats wrong, watch out for those. Native way – If its real and right, you won’t pay for anything, prayers aren’t bought. Good luck, email me if you like.

  2. never mind about calling us indians. the only people i know who get upset over that are not native.
    and most natives will not simply let you in like that. we have been burned too many times. our ways are ours and impossible to follow outside our community. if you are not a member of our communities you can’t live our ways. you can do some general principals but as for ceremony..no.
    and ours is not a solitary belief. its not a personal anything. its always focused on the other and on giving thanks.

  3. Lol…red road…niiiice, I was wondering how long it would take until i heard someone say it on Y!A
    Okay I’m gonna be 10000000% honest with you.
    1. We have no shamans
    2. We are not like White Christians, we don’t want any new comers.
    3. If you ever meet a native american shaman punch him in the face.
    4. If any one ever tries to teach you any native american belief by making you PAY, they are fake. Natives are not allowed to accept money as offerings in that department.
    5. The fact is as an outsider you will never truly know what WE believe.
    I tried to be as cordial as possible but yeah.
    Even now I was looking at a Native American Religion book at my college and alot of the things written about my tribe were like…huh?
    However please feel free to sage your house, just please don’t set it on fire, and please don’t blame us. Thanks!
    Ps if you’re Cherokee, no we don’t do sweat lodges as norm, its hot as Al Sharptons balls in the summer anyway.


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