is the practice of yoga satanic?





Yoga, before the 1960’s, was practiced by occult practitioners and by the people of pagan religions. Today it has gone mainstream. Yet, the demonic nature of this practice has not changed.
Example – hatha yoga teaches about the way to release a serpent power (Kundalini) through your spinal cord. In the Bible the serpent is associated with satan.
Also yoga is one of the 6 tenets of the hindu religion
Should anyone not wanting to go straight to hell try to garner this serpent (demonic) power?


  1. Most types of yoga practiced in the West do not involve the Kundalini serpent.
    Your equation of serpent power to demonic power is incredibly narrow minded. See John 3:14.

  2. Firstly, Pagan beliefs are not satanic by nature and neither is the Hindu faith. How do you come to the stupid conclusion that it is demonic? I think that the destruction of innocent men, women and especially children through war is far more demonic than the practice of yoga. It would be prudent indeed if you expanded your knowledge in these areas you will then see just where the evil resides.

  3. You are misinformed. Yoga is not Satanic, nor does the bible regard Satan as the serpent. Idolatrous christianity does that. Hell is only the grave and all go to the grave = hell.
    The only thing you have correct in your post is that yoga is part of the Hindu religious practice.

  4. Seriously? Are you going to go to hell for lifting weights? Doing pushups? How about karate? If you’re afraid of a little exercise, whether it’s physical or spiritual, don’t take it out on the workout program.

  5. It isnt a good idea to mix religions. One religion sees serpents as demons another doesnt. If you actually feel that Yoga is satanic then dont practice it,but dont make it into anything its not.

  6. I have a simple answer if you aren’t sure you’re sinning…
    If it makes you feel good or happy, it is a SIN.
    You’re welcome (-:

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