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Is the practice of Tarot a last ditch attempt to cling to a spiritual perspective or preying on the vulnerable?


  1. preying on the vunerable its just a game of chance like picking a random card from a deck will tell you when you will find your lover.

  2. It can be both and it can be neither. I would not look at “magical” or “spiritual” things as wholly negative.
    One thing that all of humanity shares is mythology and myth-making. Things like the Tarot or the I Ching speaks to that yearning that we universally share. You don’t have to believe in the cards (or the myths), that’s not really important. What is important is that if it is presented sincerely then use of things like that are meant to soothe the consciousness and the subconsciousness. Rituals are very important to all of us… the Tarot just happens to be a ritual that others use and it seems you have a problem with it (I could be wrong here)… but think about your own rituals, and I don’t just mean religios based. We all have rituals.

  3. No, I do not think Tarot is a last ditch attempt to cling to spirituality. It is a divination tool, like many others, which can be open to interpretation. The thing is knowing how accurately read the information and make it applicable. There is nothing wrong with seeking spiritual information, or with getting help from someone else who may be more intuitive in those matters.
    What might be considered “preying on the vulnerable” is if the person doing the reading is not ethical in their work. If a person who is already “down” or who may be considered troubled or spiritually weakened in some way is taken advantage of either by misinformation or by being overcharged for a reading–that is where a loss can occur.
    Most people who are spiritually active know the importance of being honest and accountable for their interactions. Even when doing self-readings, they must be done in good stead and not while spiritually compromised. It would be like trying to connect using a bad wire.
    Hope this sheds some light. Blessings!

  4. No and No.
    The practice is not similar nor universal throughout.
    Soem practitioners use the craft to guide others by prognosticating – readings of the future etc.
    Some use it personally for yes and no questions.
    asking for “answers”
    There is no fixed answer to the intention of any body who practices the tarot.
    I would say that 99.8 percent use it to read their own fates/enlighten their conundrum and while the time away.
    Less than 0.2 use the tarot to read fortunes for a fee. The people who ask to have their cards “read” are hardly vulnerable. They are a group of connoisseurs who will seek out the most accurate yet cheap readers for entertainment.

  5. Tarot is very accurate, and while many see it as a spiritual tool, there are many that read cards that don’t see it as doing much with regards to spirituality.
    Also, those that believe readers are preying on the vulnerable usually don’t know what Tarot readings are meant to be. Furthermore, there are some frauds out there, but Tarot can be a very accurate tool–depending on the experience of the reader.

  6. For those of us who are sincere in our work, it it neither. There is no need to cling to a spiritual perspective. Tarot is a divination tool used by the intuitive to connect with the spirit realm in order to have access to the knowledge and wisdom found there. With that information, the intuitive is able to help people overcome obstacles and make better decisions. It is serious spiritual work.
    Of course there are those who will misuse it for financial gain, but that is not the fault of the Tarot, it is the fault of the person misusing it.


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