Is the possession of some form consciousness attributable to the possession of a soul?

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Is something that has a soul necessarily conscious, or is something that has consciousness necessarily have a soul?
You are free to define “soul” in any way you like. Consciousness is also a woolly idea so you are free to interpret this question any way you see fit.

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Consciousness of thinking is definitely attributable to possession of a soul. Other consciousness is immaterial of soul.


There are 3 things you need to define in my opinion: body, soul and spirit. I see the spirit as the one true immortal part of us, not the soul. And my answer is yes, being conscious of one’s being (i underline that i did not use human being) is very much related to one’s spirit. It is the spirit that ultimately holds all what we have experienced in this world (conscious or not) and therefor it is the spirit that defines us.


Please don’t restart the Valladolid process (by the catholic church to decide “whether Indians have a soul” -in case the answer is “no” all killings etc. are allowed).
Consciousness, in my views, is the ability to perceive our environment as spatial, as opposed to (animal) dumbness. That capacity is part of our brain, which has nothing to do with whatever one calls “soul”.
Modern scientists tend to think that some animals (dolphins, some whales or even dogs) claim a certain degree of consciousness. However they don’t have a “soul” unless you call it “karma”, which all humans, animals, plants and even stones have a part of.
I’m sure this does not answer the whole issue but the subject of your question -to which I give a star- requires longer exchanges of view than a simple chat on Yahoo! Answers.

Sabrina H

Consciousness is by definition “soul.” Whether consciousness survives after death is a whole other question. So far, all signs point to no.


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