Is the phenomenon of telepathy evidence of life after death?

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Taiwan Te and Cardinal, I love both of your answers, but the one that jumps out at me is the simple ‘Yes.’

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This is a non sequitur.


Not yet. We still haven’t found a way to “prove’ that telepathy actually exists. Since it happens between minds it is hard for us to collect evidence that it’s actually occurring.
What makes it harder is all the con artists that pretend to “communicate with the dead” in exchange for money.

Deja Vu!

…no – haven’t received any word yet…


No because it doesn’t exist.
(or at least i don’t think it does)


Yes. People who are not telepathic are proof that dead spirits can walk, and they are totally unaware of their true nature.
Why did you feel you had to ask this question?
I know the answer to that already, but I thought maybe you’d like to explain it to all the non-believers, using a language they can understand.
OooohhmmmmMG! ;^P




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