I have pondered throughout life that regardless of the level of anxiety one experiences in any given ordeal, that the passing of years can often be the most effective remedy to heartache.

I wonder however, if there are certain traumas that have a fundamental effect on your being? Events which shock your core to the point where the very fibre of your personality has been torn down and rebuilt, to the point where you question the validity of all of your existence, does time heal even the worst of tragedies?


  • Time alone is not the final element for recovery from major trauma. It helps but the ability to be able to “deal” with the situation either with friends or with professional help is also a trigger. In most cases time Dulls the pain caused, but many times you have to forgive yourself to be able to heal.

  • i would say no. look at post tramatic stress disorder. that can be as terrible 40 years from the time it happened. it won’t heal unless you deal with it i think.

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