Is the ouija board more dangerous than tarot cards?





I hear a lot of bad things about the ouija board but not too many bad things about tarot cards. Both are used predict things.
And please no answers about how you think they’re fake and how they are just made of paper, cardboard, wood, etc.
Mitchell, I’ve never used a ouija board. That’s why I ask. I’ve heard so many negative things about them that I’m scared to use them.


  1. “And please no answers about how you think they?re fake and how they are just made of paper, cardboard, wood, etc.”
    First of all, a million thanks for that!
    Now. Anything is dangerous, but there are all kinds of horrific tales about the Ouija? Board – usually involving the friend of a friend or a friend of your sister. Bunk. This “gateway to hell” stuff is amazing. Religious people, so-called, never consider oh, a gateway to HEAVEN. How do they know only demons come through? In their twisted religion, devils are more powerful than even god. This is truly bizarre and should be ignored.
    Next. Why such a bad rap for Ouija?? The history of this is clear. In the early 20th Century when Fuld’s Ouija? Board caught on big, it threatened the Spiritists and Mediums of the day. Now you no longer needed their services; you could whip out the Board and do it your self. The horror stories attached to the Board come from that era, when the professionals tried to discourage people from going it themselves. It is no different than the stuff that happens today when you take health supplements. The medical cartel whoops and hollers and gets stuff banned. They already banned Ma Huang which Chinese have used for MILLENIA to fight the symptoms of a cold. Echinacia and St. John’s Wort (which is GREAT for sciatica, BTW) are next. See how it works? The stories of the Ouija? board stuck and are now what we would call Urban Legends. Nothing horrible will happen if you use one. You may get freaked out a bit, but, hey, that’s what happens when you butt up against the unknown and unseen. As for Tarot, what danger? I am a professional Tarot reader and the only danger I have encountered is… the cards may push me into a higher tax bracket. Enjoy them all, Talking Boards and Tarot Cards. They are tools that help us understand ourselves and the worlds around us.
    Click my name for my website and if you wish, contact me. I do not charge just to talk…

  2. Both are very bad…I did tarot card for a month and EVERYTHING i predicted came true BUTTTTT My world went down hill…My bf did me soooo wrong and ended our relationship VERY badly…and lots of other bad things happened to me…I’d so dont touch them if your havent yet IF you have go to church and repent ASAP before your life tumbles down…

  3. No best beloved it isn’t at all. IF it’s used correctly and that requires you to learn how to open and close the board the correct way. This will ensure that no malevolant spirits reach you or your board.

  4. I wouldn’t suggest using a Ouija Board if you don’t know how to spiritually protect yourself. It is possible to attract less evolved spirits when using the board and it can be an unpleasant experience.
    The Tarot cards are a safer route to take for someone inexperienced.

  5. There is nothing dangerous about tarot cards. They rely on the strength from inside a person, not on some outside force. Unfortunately, that also means it’s easy for the one reading the cards to make them come up the way he/she wants or expects them to rather than revealing any real wisdom. That’s what happens most of the time for me, and for other people I know who use them.
    I have tried a ouija board, but it didn’t do anything for me, so I can’t comment on whether or how those might work.

  6. Ouija boards are extremily dangerous. and tarrots are too. If you are thinking you want to use a ouija board I would think again.

  7. Both were originally created for use as parlor games, neither was originally intended for divination, in the case of the Ouija the name and supposed magical history were invented in 1901 as a marketing ploy.
    What the Bible forbids is the act of Divination itself, not any specific tools, there are techniques for divining using just a glass of clear water, what matters is the will and intent of the user. It’s the carpenter not the tools that builds a chair, it’s the same with Divination.

  8. Tarot Cards work by channeling your own subconscious, ie, not that dangerous. But Ouija boards work by invoking other spirits, so some potential for mishap, depending on the spirits.

  9. Why don’t you go play tennis or swim instead of playing with a ouija board?
    Are you curious about a guy? Yeah, he’ll like you if you tone up your hips and stop hanging out with gypsies.

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