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Is the ouija board actually a way to contact spirits?

I know its way out of season but I have heard so many stories about ghosts hurting ppl who contact them. My friends brother used it once with his friends and after they all had some unusual accidents. One went to the hospital with a concussion, another sliced his arm, and he got in a car accident (minor injuries). So is it because of the ouija board? Have u ever used a ouija board? What were your experiences during or after usage?


  1. Whatever you do, please don’t use a oujia board. It brings you nothing but trouble. All it does is contact earth bound spirits. Do you think its really going to contact your dear sweet grandma who’s at peace in heave? Everyone i’ve ever known whose used a oujia board had nothing but bad things happen to them.

  2. Yes, I have used it. Only had one experience that may have been bad, I say that because I don’t know if it was the intention of the spirit to come off as hostile or not, but I was using it and closed my eyes for a split second and relaxed. As soon as I did something grabbed me from behind, tried to pull me backwards and felt like it shot straight through my back.
    I immediately ended the session and did a cleansing ritual in the room. I have not had any problems since.

  3. Things started floating and twisting. Everything changed to a dark purple color. I passed out.
    According to my friend, who was sober at the time, all that happened is it got colder.

  4. Well, correlation does not imply causation.
    Ouija boards are a toy.
    If you blind the users and turn the board around you get gobbledygook answers.
    They seem to work because of unconscious micro-muscle movements, known as the ideomoter effect. Or someone is cheating.
    Because you are asking the question, I can see that you can think critically. The problem with those those who believe in this stuff, is that they can not offer one shred of evidence beyond anecdotal. Which, as is well known, is not acceptable in any scientific investigation due to human fallibilities. Further, no one has ever been able to present any evidence for the existence of spirits. Zero.

  5. The ouija board works on the ideomotor effect – you’re moving it yourself whether you realize it or not. You’ll never get anything out of one you couldn’t have put in or made up yourself. It’s all you (and the other people there). Sometimes people realize this and play tricks on their friends – now you can too. Your brother’s friends just had some bad luck they blamed on the board, but it’s just a game. It can’t do anything to you. Correlation is not causation – just because something happened after something else does NOT mean the something else caused the other thing to happen.

  6. An ouija board is never good there are too many variables within what you try to call upon. people have the right to think this is a crock but this is my opinion never do such a thing without someone actually in tune with the realms in which you are calling out to without them the spirits brought forth will not be what you wanted remember some of these spirits are very very good liars.

  7. Unfortunately people think that because it is sold in a toy store that it can’t possibly dangerous and that it can’t be dangerous if they don’t believe a toy can’t be dangerous. Anyone that understood the metaphysical would not tell you that it is just a toy and can cause no harm. Do a search on the internet and you will find plenty of info not only on the dangers of the ouiji board (especially for the novice) but that also explain why in detail.

  8. Yes it’s a real way to contact spirits. I’ve used a Ouija board many times and nothing bad has happened. It all depends on your outlook on it. If you think that something bad is going to come then something will, but you just need to keep in a good mood and have a positive outlook on it. And it something feels really of or like somethings coming then just hurry up, say goodbye and then call it quits for a while. Always make sure you say goodbye, if you don’t then, as I like to think of it, it causes a little hole in the board which will allow bad spirits to come. So stay positive and make sure everyone has an open mind and believes in it when you do it, that’s basically it.
    For more info go to- http://www.museumoftalkingboards.com/
    It’s a really good website!

  9. No, is just cheap toy, if dangerous, not sell at toy stores, users move pointer subconsciously, skeptics know is nonsense, not get naswers, believers get bad answers, try use it wear blindfold, ask it of foreign names and cities other person not know, accidents you list happen if use it, not use it, it do nothing I use it.

  10. i dont really know whether its because of that board or not but it is a coincidence,
    i tried it once but when it started moving i stopped and walked out of the room.
    well i got a bit nervous a dont know whether it was because of that or because i tried it.
    i knocked down a cross and broke it, fell down the stairs, had an multiple episodes of sleep paralysis in one night i got scared and put on some holy water i had at home.:) and for the next 2 days or so was just a bit paranoid and would knock down stuff.
    well i never tried it after that but maybe it was all in my head?

  11. I made a homemade one, and nothing happened, probably cause I don’t believe in ghosts or God.
    The devil’s protecting me! Ha Ha
    Me and the Devil, we go hand in hand, partners in crime.
    God’s a jeaulous murderer.

  12. ive never used one im kinda curious if any of that happens but im never touching one of those satanic things cause they are detestable to god….but man am i curious but i dont want some demon making me spill drinks or break my legs or etc.

  13. i honestly used one tonight and was shocked at some of the answers, the spirit in my house knows my name 😀 and my name is spero, not some obvious name like bob or bill. and tbh i was very skeptical on the whole idea cause when i got it for the first time me and my sister were using it and i know that me and her were totally just moving it on our own but tonight me and 2 of my friends turned out all the lights light a candle and tried it out again and tbh the thing was moving on its own i swear cause some of the answers were going so fast that i couldnt keep my fingers on it the entire time. but after tonight i truley believe


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