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Is the oldest religion in the world called Shamanism?

Or is that just a generic name for any spititual worship? And what kind of drugs do they use? Something called ayahuasca? or peyote? it’s legal? It’ll get you High?


  1. It’s many words to named this religion to the different languages, but I think that “shamanism” is the oldest religion in the world.

    • Mariyana, by any chance are you the same lady (married to a diplomat) who was at India (Delhi) in the year 2005-06. My apologies if it is a case of mistaken identity.

  2. shamanism isn’t a religion, it’s a label for a phenomena, like monotheism is a label that is applied to christianity.

  3. The oldest religions are prehistoric, and so unknowable; however, they were probably some form of animism.

  4. Shamanism is a blanket term for localized religions that use shamans or intermediaries between this world and a spirit world. Local religions (religions that are unique to a small group or tribe of more primitive people) that involve shamans usually also involve ancestor worship and polytheism, but don’t necessarily have to.
    Shamanism is certainly one of the oldest types of religions, but it is impossible to say that it predates any other forms of spiritism, polytheism, or animism.

  5. there is no specific true religion in the history…but one thing I knew, if the person would`nt recognize that there is one God who was promised..the eternal life..and looking for it…prove it…so where you will fined for it?read all the books..research the internet…the Bible teach for so many years in Human history…its about love,obey the well of God,but it has so many people doing on each well,anyway I believe that God was created evrything before adam…base on the Bible..
    would you like to experience of what God`s gives experience to others?so try it…and you will see…
    by the the bible says: that their is a lot of false God in the ancient time..names..ashere,astaret,malache and so on so how will prove the exact oldest religion? the prophet that i recognized..to compete in a 420 prophet of Baal`s false God..is ILydia…
    A God who introduce himself,who was a God of Ibraham,a God of moses and a God of Israliets…where Jesus belongs to them…

  6. No high to be had here. Get a grip. No, shamanizm is not generally tied to any one religion. just on the off chance you really want to know and not just get a fix, find The Foundation for Shamanizm, read, get an inkling and maybe get your braincells working.


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