Is the new 2008 CHEVY MALIBU really just a SATURN AURA that had cosmetic surgery?

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I think I read somewhere that the new Malibu is built on the same platform as the Saturn Aura. If so, why are they referring to it as bigger than the older models?

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probably. they are the same company. GM

charles g

The Aura,Malibu and G6 are all built on the same platform IE, the engines ,trans ,are about the same.the difference is what you can see,interior,body style price If I had to choose I would go with the Saturn.


Yes, when two platfors get completely different bodies we call it a top hat. When two very similar bodies get different badges, like the Sliverado and Sierra, we call it a re-badge. The Malibu is essentially the same car as the Aura, which came out 2 years ago. That is why i don’t see why people are making such a big fuss about it. The Aura is a good car, but they didn’t do anything to really improve the car, and I personally think the Aura looks better. The Aura is a few inches wider and longer than the old Malibu, so yes, the Malibu did grow in size.


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