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Is the Microcosmic circuit safe to practice if you have emotional or mental problems or blocked anger, anxiety?

I understand that some qigong practices can exagerrate the symptoms of such problems. Are there safer but equally effective alternatives for unblocking meridians?


  1. I know that with most mind expansion practices such as meditation, shamanic drug use and prayer can help these things as far as meridians and chakras I don’t know allot about.. and I’m not sure about qigong BUT I know that meditation lucid dreaming and experiences with mushrooms, acid, cacti and weed have helped me and given me great insights into space, time and myself.
    I wouldn’t suggest acid because it could trigger latent schizophrenia.
    I think qigong or reiki combined with ingesting a little bit of cannabis might be a good start to opening up your mind without any bad consequences… I wouldn’t suggest worshiping any strange eastern deity at all though.. as I myself believe in Jesus… but the actual qigong and meditation sounds good. nothing wrong with rhythmic meditation and I don’t think it would exacerbate any of your problems on the contrary probably would help them..
    peace and love,

  2. maybe if you do qigong to work on the kidney/bladder (anxiety), liver/gallbladder (anger) it will help??? there is an organation AOBTA (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia) http://aobta.org/ you should email them this…. i will post the question on my fb and see if i get any responeses


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