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Is the memory of the moment of your birth gets saved in your subconscious?

I’ve heard about how the reason that we don’t remember every single moment of our life is that our brain would just overwork if it would have had to process all this data
but on the other hand I’ve heard that the memory does not get lost completely but rather just moved to a different part of our mind which is the subconscious part of it
which in essence is suppose to explain why we only use 4-11% of the ability of our brain
if this is really so does it mean that the time that a persons spends in the womb and the very moment of her/his birth gets saved somewhere there in the subconscious mind?
Twenty three weeks (about 5.3 months) is said to be around the time that the fetus develops enough neurons to become conscious
so if the fetus becomes conscious at this point it means that it has the ability to store memory
and if it is true that all memory gets saved in the subconscious mind that means that the rest of the time that the fetus spends in the womb and the moment of it’s birth does get saved
For the second part of the question – if a person for some reason would have a desire to extract theses memories out of his or her subconscious then what methods would be available for approaching the accomplishment of such a goal?
Is self-hypnosis trustworthy enough?


  1. I was told in AP that every thing that we ever exeperiance is stored in our memory and we do remember some times not in images but our actions like the way some people sleep is a pre-birth thing so in a way yes

  2. Yes it is but it would be rather difficult to retrieve it without using hypnosis. Memories are coded by our brain,like a giant library catalog and what helps us remember are specific clues about the way that the memories were coded. It would be possible to go back that far if you were to experience something that would trigger that clue but not very likely.

  3. Memory is a tricky thing.
    Your mind is not like a tape recorder although some aspects of memory may seem like it.
    The fact is nobody can really explain why some memory encodes and some does not or why some memories can be entirely false. Ask any trial attorney especially a District Attorney. Memory is notoriously unreliable.
    Memory isn’t restricted to the subconscious mind. Associations between ideas can alter memory.
    I wouldn’t consider hypnosis of any kind a worthwhile use of your time.Be very careful of any so called “practitioner” of regression therapy or lost memory recovery.Hypnosis as it is often portrayed in fiction is not at all the real experience of a person reduced to a “suggest-able” state of consciousness.
    The 4-11% of our brains ability you cite isn’t meaningful in the way you are using it. Any such statistic is only useful in the context of evaluating brain damage traumatic or organic.
    Remember this, memory is to thought as dreams are to reason.
    While there may be useful information in a dream it is a question of context not content.


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