Is the "left-hand path" always associated with the occult and Satanism?

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I like the values of the left-hand path.
However, every time I look it up, it’s always associated with the occult or Satanism whether it’s LaVeyan or theistic.
Is it only associated with these things?

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The left hand side is often associated with evil. I have a psychology book on the symbolism of left and right, and generally it is because if you are facing north (in the northern hemisphere), the sun will rise on your right and set on your left. The word ‘sinister’ actually means ‘left handed’. I’m a left handed person, and I also have freckles. A few hundred years ago this would have meant I’d be accused of being a witch.

sexy butterfly

No, but its closed minded people stating that since there are only two paths and they are on the right-handed one the left must be the wrong one. That is why you ended up having to ask this question.

Cheryl E

Not as far as I’m concerned. I’m a Pagan and I incorporate some elements that some would see as left-hand path into my own spirituality. Most Pagans these days are hung up on the whole “harm none” thing, too blind to realize that being a Pagan is about balance, and sometimes we must restore the balance to our lives. Those who condemn others for not adhering to “harm none” are every bit as narrow-minded as the Christians who tell everyone they are going to hell. Perhaps a little research as to the origin and the actual age of this tenet would prove that this is certainly not an “ancient” Pagan belief.


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