Is the Kundalini rising?

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“The Hindu tradition sees Kundalini as the divine Mother of all form. Coiled in sleep at the base of the spine, the serpent power of the Goddess Kundalini gives life. When she awakens and begins to rise, the forces within (Shakti) merge with the powers on high (Shiva), consummating the sacred marriage. From this union of earthly and heavenly energies comes spiritual rebirth and wholeness. This same phenomena has been recognized and described (in indigenous semantics) by nearly every culture in the world”.
The Goddess the way I see it has been denied, her light and love ignored by man. Love is the true power of the Goddess it is the only thing that will save man from himself. Love comes into existence via Kundalini. It all depends upon the heart. : )
Thanks Mopheus, great link, I really liked this quote from *Many Horses”.
“I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children, and their children. The Great Spirit has shown me – a day will come when they will outrun the white man in his own shoes.”
Thanks, we have our spiritual children, *may we raise them well*. Show them how to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. : )

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eh? no she’s a bronze statue.




And often and often, where indigenous societies have worshipped the Goddess, the fields have run with blood.
I do not denounce the Tantric path – by any means, I’m learning Kundalini Yoga myself – but I have seen, in history and in friends, that the Goddess is a harsh mistress.
The very word ‘thug’ comes from followers of Kali.
I could not agree more that Mother Earth needs our help and support, though I am hopeful that that help is already making a big difference. Having been involved with this for nearly 20 years, I feel cautiously hopeful.
I do, however, see a vast difference between healing the Mother, and Goddess worship, and I fear that the two can become confused.
That is why I council caution.
Thankyou – and no offence taken.

Magnolia Flora

This concept is “individual perception” just like “self-hypnotism” or “Bhakti”.
“Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati”
“It will transform as you wish”

Morpheus New-Age Rainbow Warrior

Greetings and Well met cosmiccoyotie,
Those who I study with, myself, and a few I share views with outside of answers have differing opinions on this… those that do say Life energy is rising say it is tainted, while those who feel for the Goddess of Mother Earth know she is very sick and will soon die with out help…
I recall the words of Chief Seattle, ~”When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.” and in so doing I ask you to be a part of making others aware that “WE AS A RACE MUST ACTIVELY HEAL THE MOTHER ELSE SHE WILL SOON DIE”… This is a TRUTH I share with many, and if it differs with your TRUTH, then E-mail me, I am willing to listen, all I ask is equal time.
To my newest Mentor/Student Phoenix, I have been active for at least that long as well, and I am aware of a great many ways that can reverse the damage, but not without hard work and money… I have a design for a new pulse turbine engine, and the Dept of Energy gave me a “Dont call us, we’ll call you form letter” I have sent Ideas to many government leaders and collages and business world wide… some are acting on this, but with a too little too late approch… I understand the need for caution, but I also see a need for us to put all differences aside for a few years and fix our home before we have no home… I ment no offence, and I welcome your advice. I look to the day we call each other Brothers as well!
And to my Brother cosmiccoyotie, I am honored that you find the past wisdom a thing of beauty, for there are many who do not, and this comes from a White man as well… You are very Welcome!!! I do so appoligise if I have taken your question into a direction you had not intended, but I feel that your comment on LOVE answers this for me as well. May all Blessings be upon you!
To my brother Sirius, well spoken, and I thank you as well for the insights into accepting that at some point the SPIRIT and the MOTHER become as one, and that the assigned GUARDIANS of all life, we are failing in our assigned task.
To all, I have changed my name to try and bring a dream or a VISION to life! I’ll be posting some questions soon, see you there.


It may begin as a rising.
It can also expand.
Mind, body and spirit.
Heavenly and Earthly….Sacred…All of these things.
It is not limited and it requires no religion or tradition.
It is a free gift available to all that wish to walk the bridge between spirit and matter with a no-mind, mindfulness.
Mother Earth Herself….included and respected for “she” is the giver of life and homeland to this “Spiritual Family of Humans Being”.
Balance My Friend!


I think ‘Love And Rockets’ put it well with their song: “Kundalini Express”. I’ve met them and Peter Murphey carries the idea well in life, although, I think Daniel Ash is just a hobo on the boxcar looking for a free ride.

Your question, if it is indeed a question, is not a very explicit one.
You and your community of responders seem to all be exchanging commendations or blessings between each other; and all seem to be for the most part, just exchanging compliments for the knowledge and experience each has achieved. Sort of just a mutual admiration society, as far as I can tell.
From reading them all, I can’t say that I have learned much that is new. Have any of you read, understood and practiced that which is contained in the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” by Swami Svatmarama? I wonder.
What if anything do you have to offer an average user of Q & A, if they have just began a spiritual quest for spiritual enlightenment? Not much, from what I have reviewed here.


Goddess denied…Love denied…Mother Earth denied. Can you imagine a Battlefield filled with the masculine energy of aggression, separation, competition, winning, and “overcoming” morphing into the feminine energy of cooperation, nurturing, gathering, sustaining, integrating, and sharing? This is “Can Do”lini
par excellence. Our Earth Mother suffers for the selfish abuse of her resources…rape, violation, domination, abandonment. Are we able to “love” her back to health and wholeness…have we the time? Have we the consciousness to restore her to her glory? Is the sleeping Goddess awakening and fully rising to meet God in perfect balance and harmony? God/Goddess, Shiva/Shakti, Heaven/Earth must be in sacred union…anything less is failure and folly. The Yin and the Yang complete one another, each an aspect of the Whole, All That Is. The Feminine Divine has been enormously disrespected and violated. The Masculine Divine must welcome the power of Love to integrate and harmonize that which has been brought to the edge of destruction. In the past, our male-dominated planet has been “used and abused,” as has the vulnerable female, including her children…who have been exploited and then carelessly discarded when their usefulness is depleted. This blatant disregard of the Whole, the Web of Life, the interconnection of all ones and all things has brought us to a precarious and dangerous point. Now it is time for the Divine Feminine to step up and be heard…we must love one another back to health, love our environment back to health, recognize that we are all one. Abuse, violence, harm, abandonment, disrespect, and judgment must be converted to caretaking, gentleness, support, commitment, respect, and acceptance. As the Divine Masculine opens Its strength and power to the integrating qualities of the Divine Feminine, balance and harmony are restored. It is a most beautiful awakening…it is the sacred Namaste of life…i and thou are one. In this embrace of masculine and feminine is the hope of the world.
i am Sirius


Yes. I have read the Hatha Yoga Pradapika, and . . .?
The Kundalini in certain Hindu traditions is thought of as the “shakti” (the power to be and act) in human beings. Just as gods depicted in Tantric Hinduism and Buddhism are with female consorts, kundalini is the consort of the human soul. It gives form and efficiency and life to spirit, which cannot act except through some sort of form (physical or ethereal).
This is the meaning of the adage “Shiva without Shakti is a corpse.”
Many esoteric traditions have concepts about a deep mother (earth, the waters, the primeval chaos or privemal matter) and a high father (consciousness, spirit, breath, space). When the two unite form and experience (the bliss of God) is the result. In a sense, the human being is in a state of choas. It’s soul and potential, will,ability to act, etc. are not integrated. What is called kundalini in the east and the secret fire (and even the Holy Spirit) in the west among other names, is the mechanism through which self-integration can occur so that the microcosm of the self is a truer reflection of the macrocosm.

cosmic chameleon
Artist: Kula Shaker
Album: Strangefolk
Year: 2007
Title: Song Of Love / Narayana
Gonna sing the song of love
Just you and I
We can save our world again
Just one day at a time (one day at a time)
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
So strange some folks these days
Locked up inside (all locked up inside)
Well darkness likes to keep them blind
But we’ll hold back the tide
D’You feel another energy?
I feel a power growing
D’You feel another energy?
I feel a power growing
Feel another energy…
Gonna sing the song of love (gonna sing the song of love)
And shine a light (and shine a light)
We were born to see the dawn
And we’ll hold back the tide
D’You feel another energy?
I feel a power growing
D’You feel another energy?
I feel a power growing
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
Om Namah Narayana
Feel another energy
Feel a power growing
Feel another energy
Om Namah Narayana
Hari Aum

Valerie C

WoW! I’m speechless after reading Sirius and Jupiter!
Only the sound of goose bumps rising and the tears on the keyboard can be heard…..
I have come in contact with people who are also offering alternative forms of energy to the world,
and I am only beginning to learn how I can be involved as well. Asking, “How may I serve my Mother Earth?” on a daily basis, seems to be guiding me toward my place to be.


Kundalini Yoga is very,very difficult to practice.I do not think there is anybody in today’s world who can authentically claim to have the experience of Kundalini Yoga.If somebody claims ,one has to take such claim with a”pinch of salt’ only.


I kno who Sun-man can be a Beast but when will he show his true image except nothing but the Oxygen I breath.
You Cosmics are his Servants at will lovely you!
Keep coming back with proper detail and tell the white man to stop causing bad luck to my family i left at my home for me to be a better wife/etc for all.


Just as a matter of interest do you know of any contemporary (or even ancient) person that has described the experience of this merging? There is much anecdotal reference to the shakti shiva merging but where are the actual accounts experienced by people who have shared their story of it.


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