Is the Irreverent Jesse Jackson a greater religious leader than the Dalai Lama?

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I think the Dalai Lama is better!

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Charlie D

Absolutely Not!

The Living Anne

Not in my opinion.

Toujours Schmecky

Now THAT is funny!


the irreverent jesse jackson is hate mongering idiot who uses the bible and the word of god to his advantage rather then teaching the values of the christian faith. he serves no god but his greed.


Irreverent? No.
Irrelevant, yes.
And you’re right, HH is the better leader.


Dalai Lama is quite possibly the most level-headed religious figure out there.
Jesse Jackson just uses his faith and the Bible to his advantage.


it is not even close though I do like and respect J. Jackson.
Dalai Lama is way way beyond


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