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Is the incubus/succubus one or two? Have you actually researched the subject? What did you learn?

How does the incubus/succubus increase their Kind?
Please cite.
Wiki doesn’t do the job as a cite.
Hint: Malleus Maleficarum Part 2 Chapter 8 as used and blessed by the inquisitors of the Christian Church.


  1. i herd that its a demon without any body or sex… but it can take human form as EITHER a male or female… an it can change its sex… from male to female… or back… whenever it wants… sorry no refrences… its jus wat i herd…

  2. i went to a demonlogist lecture onc for a halloween presentation and i rmbr him saying that an incubus is a demon that will take the form of a man to seduce and or rape a female and the succbus take the form of a woman to do the same to a man, something about them using the “energy” from the sex act to feed on

  3. Incubus/succubus is one creature that changes with weather its raping a man or a woman.
    “Another terrible thing which God permits to happen to men is when their own children are taken away from women, and strange children are put in their place by devils. And these children, which are commonly called changelings, or in the German tongue Wechselkinder, are of three kinds. For some are always ailing and crying, and yet the milk of four women is not enough to satisfy them. Some are generated by the operation of Incubus devils, of whom, however, they are not the sons, but of that man from whom the devil has received the semen as a Succubus, or whose semen he has collected from some nocturnal pollution in sleep. For these children are sometimes, by Divine permission, substituted for the real children.”
    But this all sounds like a very bad cover-up for aldultery. “My baby is black because there’s a demon, see.. who takes the semen from other men and then goes around impregnating random women, see?”
    But that excerpt comes from the same book that says Owls are the devil.
    “Some people give colour to the story, and call them Screech Owls; but this is against the opinion of the Doctors, who say that there are no rational creatures except men and Angels; therefore they can only be devils.”


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