Sunday, September 26, 2021

Is the gnostic movement right?

I joined the gnostic movemient after having recurring astral travels that I couldn’t control. I started to believe in them since:
1) they taught me to control astral travel
2) they had a theory on egos, which by eliminating them you suffer less, which worked to some extent.
3) They taught me you can get teachings in the astral, which seemed sincere teachings that I experienced.
4)They taught me that you there is hell, there is rencarnation and there is heaven. And I had an experienced in which I saw my previous life.
5)I was taught about Karma and how we must pay for the sins of our previous lives (which seems logical to what I saw in my previous life and what I’m suffering right now).
But there are some things which seem very hard to do, or unrealistic, like they say appart from cleaning outselves from sin, we must practice some kind of “magic tantra” which is the right way to have sex with no orgasm or spilling of semen, which seems impossible.
According to them you must pratice withdrawling and have sex in a way in which lust and desire is eliminated, and its basically a pact with God to never spill the semen, never, never.
This way, our soul purified and that sexual energy will be transmuted into an eternal soul and free ourselves from the “wheel of samsara” which is eternal rencarnation with no heaven until one free himself.
I do believe in karma and resurection, but how come is so hard to attain heaven, those necessary sexual practices seem physically impossible.



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