Home Discussion Forum Is the enlightened precept of ‘Freedom of Speech’?

Is the enlightened precept of ‘Freedom of Speech’?

imperceptibly losing ground inch by inch to the ultra-liberal far left and ultra-nationalistic far right and to disingenuous agent-provocateur manipulators whose aim is the disruption of social harmony? And do their despicable programs feed the festering rot already afflicting western society? If so, what can the people do to counteract it?


  1. No and no. Some attempts to curb free speech are perceptibly ridiculous but you can get away with saying lots of things now on TV at certain times of day that you couldn’t get away with saying at those times a few decades ago. Comedy shows are a good example.

  2. If you’re asking “Who speaks for the Moderates?”, I can only say that statistics and elections are the best you can get.

  3. It IS happening of course. The dark society of ‘1984’ and ‘Blade Runner’ us approaching fast. I think too many people are being bred brainless these days, or at least closed-minded, plus many never seem to grow our of their childhood, and the trend has arrived unnoticed by recent generations. More and more controls on a rapidly expanding population and consequent loss of personal liberty will be inevitable. As cities gobble up more and more of the rural areas, old time neighborliness and human values will be swept away and forgotten. Then society will probably have come to exhibit much in common with some shattered, crumbling, post-apocalyptic world, and selfishness, desire to carve out clan territory, and psychotic need for exalted status, probably obtained through power built on threat and violence, with be the order of the day. Already politeness and deference is viewed as weakness in many places. The signs are there. Succeeding generations can only brace themselves for the rude awakening.
    I may have strayed off the point at bit here, but it is all part of the same darkening picture.

  4. I fear you are right. And another sign of the rot is the murder rate, which steadily improved (ie. got less) up to the 1960s, but has steadily degenerated since (a worldwide trend). 1992 data says 15.9 males per 100,000 were killed in USA. Fewer females. This shows in a poor light against England & Wales, where the rate (1992 again) was 0.6 per 100,000 males killed. Hah, no wonder they have a population problem over there.
    But again, why not simply refuse to believe the figures, brush it under the carpet. Then the problem goes away. That, or be proud of it. Anyway, we all know the British, and especially the Welsh, are wimpy because most would rather solve a disagreement with rational discussion and compromise than with lethal weapons. And then there’s all that violence on American TV, and the Red Indians, and the perverts and immigrants and the serial killers. That’s where the real problem lies I think.


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