Is the ego reversible?





If an inflated ego is a form of sickness,
Is a humble soul a form of spiritual-cure?
*All Views Welcome and Appreciated*
**Love-Light-n-Blessings to ye** xx


  1. Dearest Skye,
    Of all the questions I have, the ones I have about the thing we call Ego confuse me the most! What is it? Here is what I think, not what I am certain of though. The ego is a self that is true, but only while here in this Earth based reality. It is what forms our individuality and drive to succeed at what we do. It is separateness while soul is collective. Soul desires unity and love while ego desires to be the best and superficial pleasures.
    I don’t think I can get rid of my ego (I feel that may make my ego feel even more small and threatened lol), but I can transcend it and live through my heart center where my soul is in charge.
    “If an inflated ego is a form of sickness,
    Is a humble soul a form of spiritual-cure?”
    Yes I do agree with this statement. Most, if not all, of what is dis-eased with this world stems from ego based identities. The cure comes within each and every one of us to re-unite with our soul-based essense and desire unity once again (over competition).
    *Just my beliefs, feelings, and personal experiences*
    Love and light to you dearest friend!

  2. Yes, the ego is irreversible. God’s word the Bible says at Ephesians 4: 22-24 – that you should put away the old personality which conforms to your former course of conduct and which is being corrupted according to his deceptive desires; 23¬ but that you should be made new in the force actuating your mind, 24¬ and should put on the new personality which was created according to God?s will in true righteousness and loyalty. So, as far as the ego is concern, we make the choice to change it and become humble or keep it and become haughty and arrogant. That choice is up to that individual. Along with that ego becomes PRIDE, and pride is a sin according to the scriptures at Proverbs 16: 18 – that says, “Pride is before a crash: and a haughty spirit before stumbling”.

  3. The ego is one of those traits of “darkness” that we are all born with. It’s roots are found in pride.
    God must grant Humility to one that the root may be destroyed.

  4. The human Ego can be contained, but can never die or be reversed. It is the mask people use to hide there true selves. I have expierienced loss of Ego through psycadelic expieriences. I have also diminished my friends ego’s through meditation and Reiki. The best way to not let ego get to you, is to stay positive, and above the influence.

  5. Yeah but they have to be taken down a notch. It can occur in a number of ways.
    I believe humility is a sign of spiritual awareness.

  6. Yes, the ego is reversible. I though my manhood was, err, big enough, and my ego was huge. But that was until my ex girlfriend said “You’re small.”
    My ego was crushed instantly.

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