Is the earth-mass increasing as the solar energy is being used by plants to synthesize food ?





Plants use a portion of the sun’s energy to manufacture food. This process is ever-going and since the energy does not return to the sun, should’nt the mass of the earth keep increasing ?


  1. The planet irradiates energy. Energy in almost equals energy out. Mass is a seperate issue from the sun’s energy. Plants also do not 100% convert the sun’s energy.

  2. The earths mass is growing, but not due to energy consumtion of plants. The size of the earth is growing a little by little each year due to the expanding core.

  3. I think that it probably is but that it is so small, it is negligible since energy is equal to mass times the speed of light times the speed of light; therefore, even on the entire planet, the net weight probably wouldn’t equal the weight gained by a few meteorites.

  4. No. The sun is not adding mass during photosynthesis, just energy. The plants just rearrange atoms to make their “food”.

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