Is the Devil the heart of human consciousness? It was the Devil that led Adam and Eve to first see themselves.

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Actually it was the fallen arch angel Samiel that was the serpent.


The devil is, in the most poetic of meanings, within each and every single one of us. As is divinity. Just find your own inner divinity and be at peace with it.


Metaphrocally speaking yes. He or She led them to tree of the knowledge of good and evil. which really makes you wonder why God would hide us that from us



Brandy D

yeah- the devil is inside me right now- oh wait that’s just your boyfriend…. 🙂

Samuel Crow

The heart of human consciousness is whatever we make it. We can choose to travel the straight and broad road, or the narrow and winding road.

holy sinner

Human conciousness was the product of the knowledge Adam & Eve got that led them to see themselves.


So you are saying the devil is a mirror?
Do you belief it is fair for all of us being punished for what a couple did thousand of years ago?

baddy b

maybe not but the human cansciousness is sometimes devilish. the trick is how you supress it, if you have self conrol then you are good in a way but if not,,, then the devil within awakens.

Paul Hxyz

“Adam” is a Hebrew word for “mankind”, therefore “God created mankind” is what the Bible should read. This lack of translation (in many places) is what makes people so “in error” about what the Bible actually says. And there is no devil – that’s completely made up, and is NOT real.


The devil is an evil spirit or fallen angel. The devil does sin, but I would say sin is at the heart of human consciousness.
But in the spiritual world, there are two spirits. You either have an evil spirit or the Holy Spirit.


Satan, in Milton’s Paradise Lost, is a symbol of human freedom — a personality of courage and vision.
The Church, the Magisterium, is agin it.
In the poem he was defeated, but warriors can sleep and be wakened (mythologically speaking).

Wise Old Man

No , the Bible talks of the Devil – Satan , as being a real spirit being individual.
The popular teaching that says that the Devil is just mans bad heart is not supported in the Bible , and it misleads people about the causes of the worlds problems, and to what is the only solution to mans problems – namely, Gods kingdom under Jesus Christ as King.
Ephesians 6:11-12 “. . .Put on the complete suit of armor from God that YOU may be able to stand firm against the machinations of the Devil; because we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.”
For more Bible based info please feel free to email me.


Yes, I have been saying that on my answers about this topic.
The serpent is the voice of humanity.
It’s that part of you that says
“Eat the fruit,
make your own decisions,
there is no external authority,
you are capable of decisions by yourself.”
This realization is enough to become god-like. So the gods took them away from the garden to prevent them from taking the “Tree of Life” as
But that is just another metaphor. Human being unimpeded with mystical beliefs will someday through self-leadership will be able to find immortality, the “Tree of Life” as well.

single eye

No, the devil is quite real. You will not know about the devil from the bible because he has done a great job of disguising himself as yhwh. The true account of satan was given to us by Jesus in The Apocryphon of John.


Early Christian Religions believe that the God of the Old Testament was the Devil because He acted in such wrathful ways. Would you turn someone into salt simply because they turned around? People are realizing that the story of Adam & Eve is purely symbolic. because, who could Adam & Eve’s children have children with?

craig b

We are not created to be BAD! We are created to be good. Therefore, there is no devil, no satan within us. As Paul said, we live our lives in the flesh and the flesh is weak. We are continually pulled into the sinful nature by sex, booze, drugs and every manner of illicit devices used by satan to pull us into sin.
Jesus said – ” in your anger do not sin”. In this one thing you can see where we are. We are human beings with feelings that can be hurt and can surely hurt one another. Go ahead and be angry, but HOW do you not sin in the midst of that powerful emotion? Personally, I don’t think it’s possible until you seek God’s intervention on your fleshy means and evil intent.
Adam and Eve were not led by the devil to see themselves. They (we) found out that we cannot control ourselves and so, need God in our lives to give us positive and righteous feelings. We do not go around wanting to kill everyone. We do not go around wanting to steal and rape and destroy. We want to be treated with respect and dignity and love. Is this from the devil? Think again!


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