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Is the danger of science this? That men and women who profess and are the will behind science despise others?

By this I mean that science has become a master over us instead of us master over it, when’ it speaks’ through its footsoldiers we must all bow down our puny human feelings and opinions to its unfeeling, inhuman demands, because what is human is somehow unimportant before cold soulless ‘science’. So unless we all are ‘experts’ our opinions, conscience, and beliefs, are despised as worthless and therefore can be violated and overridden, when the basis of this country was to protect these most precious freedoms of soul. Our constitution is not written to protect and uphold science but humans, and normal humans, average humans, Mothers, fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Sons and Daughters, not just scientists. We are all equal, though I understand that all opinions are not equal in a given context, yet I think that this is a potential, if not already present threat to our freedoms. If any thing stands in the way of ‘progress’ as proclaimed by the ‘science’ of the day, which has no soul except for us , it is mocked, despised and attacked . It is not enough to just be a human anymore, a mother is no longer smart enough to raise kids ‘experts’ are required.
The man who invents something is more important than a good father or mother, being a human with religion , belief in God, believing in right or wrong is no longer precious or acceptable because it cannot be seen under a microscope or ‘cure’ someone of aids . Although morals and responsibility are the real vaccine Must we all have microscopes attached to our eyes at all times in order to speak truth? Eyes being no longer good enough
Don’t let your meaningless religious conscience get in the way of really important things like harvesting the cells from aborted fetuses so we can rejuvenate old hags
I am afraid that people have been conditioned to look at ‘science’ as something over and above us and what is done according to it is naturally right. Rather we should look at oursleves as the rightful masters over and above any and all ‘science’.


  1. No. You’re pretty much wrong about everything you said. Sorry, because it looks like it took a long time to type…probably longer than you spent thinking about it.

  2. Do you know any scientists?
    Most scientists are people that have some sort of religious faith and are able to integrate (or relegate) faith and science together.
    Only when science is controlled completely by government does science become “dangerous”. At this point, scientists that are out to help cure disease and end hunger are losing funds to continue their research. The scientists that are getting funding are the scientists that make war machines.
    Let’s point our fingers at the danger of the government that decides which science is “worthy”.

  3. Interesting. Although your logic is really biased. First of all you proclaim that science stands in the way of progress. That’s the funniest thing i’ve heard all day. I can safely assume you are on a computer(duh) and what do you think made it possible for you to have that computer. Did it just appear. As far as your morals, science has nothing to do with it. Just because science says that we came from apes and doesn’t put us on this pedestal that says that we are the most important beings in the univeres doesn’t mean science is evil. If you have a problem with modern medicine I suggest suggest when you get old and get arthritis(like my father) don’t take anything and see how long you can go with the pain.

  4. Science is not inhuman. Scientists are not inhuman. Science does not, in any way, encourage blind belief or obedience. If a scientist makes a claim, then you are able to look at their data and make up your own mind.

  5. Your cynicism is showing and it doesn’t serve you well. You say that scientists are not “normal;” that they’re not “Mothers, fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Sons and Daughters.” In fact they are. In fact you, yourself, know an amazing amount of science, much more than the “normal” grandmother of the 19th century. Science is available to all of us. If some aspects of higher learning are obscured to you, that applies to more than just science – how about music, literature, philosophy, etc. When it comes to knowledge, we’re all in the same boat, nobody can know it all.
    And are there Christians who despise Muslims? Are there Muslims who despise Jews? Are there Protestant evangelicals who despise homosexuals? Science is not the only arena to single out for threats, hate and immorality.We’re all human but we don’t all possess humanity – there’s a bit of inhumanity in us all.
    I would guess that, this post is a reaction to some pointed answers that you’ve received. You might ask yourself whether the way you word your questions brings out the worse in others, it certainly seems to bring out the worse in you. Why don’t you just forget all of this crap and go find God?

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