Home Discussion Forum Is the conception and birth of a child truly a Pagan event?

Is the conception and birth of a child truly a Pagan event?

Joining spirit with flesh, consciousness with matter and heaven with earth?
Who could do this divine work except for Gods and Goddesses?


  1. One belief i have came across is that the Soul reproduces in a metaphysical way when we have children. So, when we impregnate someone, or become pregnant, which ever applies to you, the two combined souls create a new soul from their own essence, made from both the essence of the mother and of the father.
    The Souls continues to divide in such a way, each time a new life is created by that person. I enjoy this belief, it eliminates a lot of the roles some gods held of being childbirth deities. It could also been seen as the reason why the mother feels strongly connected to the fledgling child inside of her, not only is she guarding it, but it is literally a part of her, in flesh and soul.
    In such a belief, Souls are not constantly created from nothing, but are born of their sires souls, after death, the other planes hold new experiences for this soul, as it did for their sires, and their sires sire. However, this would also mean that Souls are infinite in energy. Though Souls may be manipulated and afflicted with ailments i have found, so long as they are anchored to the physical world, they can remain indefinitely. Natural anchoring, is the mirror life of flesh and soul, which all life has, the soul and the body act as in a symbiotic relationship. Helping one another, the soul is the life blood of the flesh and the flesh is the anchor so the soul might remain in tune with this physical world. When the flesh is wounded, the soul also suffers, when the soul is manipulated and influenced, the flesh suffers.
    However, i have strayed from my original point hehehe. I do not believe any deity places the Soul in the flesh, though i know not where the soul comes from, i would choose the belief of the metaphysical reproduction of the soul, rather than a deity eternally replacing souls and connecting them to bodies.


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