Is the concept of ghosts which Judaism and Christianity claim they own stolen from Shamanism and animism?

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Shamanism is witch doctoring in the Animist religion. Animism views all created things — humans, animals, plants, landscapes, elemental forces and seasons — as having an intelligent, communicative life force or spirit. It is similar to modern Buddhism which also worships the planet and everything on it.
The concept of the soul and the ghost of people is very similar to Shamanism belief system. Shamanism was also in existence before Judaism, and Christianity was after Judaism, therefore it is logical to assume that Judaism stole the practices of Shamanism and claimed it was “theirs.”

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Where do they claim they own it?
Regardless though … religion is an evolving thing (even though the followers do not agree). Most religions, religous ideals, and religious practices come from earlier religions and have been updated in some way.
A very large part of the Bible comes from earlier Sumerian texts that have been changed in some way or another.

Karl P

to sum ‘it’ all up, Jesus IS The Living Word even before the foundations of the earth in the first place, so the ‘others’ are the Counterfeits. period.

Super Yahweh

It all came from me, I own the stuff, so it’s fine if they use it.
You should be worried about getting your salvation instead of bothering with copyright issues.


i’m a christian and i DO NOT believe in ghosts. ECC.9:5 says that the dead are conscious of NOTHING they aren’t floating around bugging people. Gen. says when adam was created that he BECAME a living soul, he wasn’t GIVEN a soul. it also calls animals living souls. there are spirit creatures out their meaning to harm, and at times seemingly help those who are alive. they are demons. Revelation says satan and a third of all the angels were cast out heaven and now are stuck to the earth. they are doing all the things “ghosts” are given credit for.


If a belief can be traced back to the birth of man such as the belief that Judaism has then that is older than any belief that was formed after man was already well into being..


Christians do NOT believe in Ghosts…We believe in demons that make idiots think there are Ghosts.

Allan Brewster

There are demons, which are fallen angels. Man has a spirit of life but the second the body dies,the spirit goes to one of two places Heaven or Hell.Man’s spirit does not roam around the world in limb nor enter into another person or animal. The only and only thing that determines where a person’s spirit goes depends on if they accepted salvation through the blood of Jesus or not.

Been There

Better learn a bit more about Buddhism, my friend. I don’t think you understand it very well.
Buddhism does not worship the planet, nor anything on it.
It pays reverence to the concept of enlightenment, which we are all capable of. It seeks to extend compassion to all beings. But this is not what you were talking about.


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