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Is the chemical DMT the origin of all religion?

by That Weird Kid:

DMT is a chemical that your brain naturally produces when you sleep and when you die. It exists in most plants and it has been used by Shamans for thousands upon thousands of years, it has also been extracted from plants to make a pure, crystalline form and is used as a recreational drug. Users report feeling euphoric and going to a different dimension where they see unimaginably beautiful forms such as perfectly symmetrical shapes and ethereal landscapes. Some people report going through a tunnel and there being lots of other beings all around. However, a bad trip is horrifically bad, and is hellish. Some people think that the drugs opens a window into our afterlives, and that the pineal gland that creates it is actually the place in our mind which holds our souls, and is the door to the afterlife. As an agnostic-atheist, I’m sceptical of this, but it’s fascinating none-the-less, and I can’t help thinking, that if it is ancient Shamans that originally consumed DMT, is this incredible chemical the origin of all religion? I mean, people who are happy with themselves will have bad trips, and people that feel bad about themselves, people that have done bad stuff, or are not religious and scared by death, will have bad trips, which sounds like a direct explanation for Heaven and Hell to me. What do you make of this?
DMT is produced when you die. Don’t dismiss this stuff when you don’t know sh*t about it.

Answer by Arthur
Yes I think there is something in that.


  1. DMT is not natural and we do not produce it, period. Certainly not after death, that is asinine.
    I think you have taken too much of the stuff and your brain is affected.

  2. Yes. It certainly feels that way when you smoke DMT. Ancient and familiar are two words I always use to describe the DMT experience. There is a strong sense of ancestry. Like… you’re mother is there, and your grandmother, and your great grandmother, and your great-great grandmother…. alllllllll the way back. Many people report deja vu. This makes sense if we do in fact produce DMT in our brains every night when we sleep.
    What’s more amazing? The fact that DMT does all that? Or the fact that nobody knows about it?

  3. Fly fid ur dumb u donno what ur talkin about, dmt naturl in r pineal gland alonge with saratonin melatonin, dmt males us dream at night , also in plants an smoke it or w.e u want, when ur born ur brain relese it an also as u die, read the tibetian book of death to understand better might, tells u what happens when u die an this is 100% ull understand if u read clicks for every one that does an if doesn’t for u, ur very lost person thinking nothin happen after u die , u gotta be joking me get real of cousre somethin happen this life to complex for nothing to happen it just wouldn’t work ull all understand one day
    ps get more sunlight

  4. I think its fair to say that dmt could have inspired and evolved organised religion to what it is today? You only have to read genesis to get the idea. Though trips can vary at different times and in different people, generally the experiences and stories seem to share something in common. Whos to say those nutters who wrote the bible didn’t draw inspiration from taking a hallucinogens. Its worth pondering over the contradiction of dmt benefits


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