Is the book of shadow for Wicca the same as the bible for Christians, insomuch that they both have a book?

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In a way, maybe. That is, if each Christian wrote their own Bible, then they’d be similar.

Tom G

A book that was written by man

Weird Voice on the Phone

A book of shadows is just a book with rituals and spells written in it. Nothing like the bible.

Ghoast Kitteh [ninja version]

Not really. A book of shadows is a Wiccan’s personal book that acts as sort of a journal/spell book/ritual book/whatever else you want. Where the Christian bible is a collection of sacred stories, a book of shadows is more of a collection of thoughts, rituals, experiences, and whatnot unique to the individual Wiccan or coven.

Annie Strychnine

No correlation.
A book of shadows is a journal we write about our spiritual journey. It contains spells and rituals that we have learned as we grow into wholeness.
A bible is the dictated “word of god”.
They are both books though!


They are both books, but what is inside them is completely different. The bible is supposed to be the word of God and each bible is written the same exact way *almost*. The book of shadows is a personal book for each individual wiccan or coven, and each one is completely unique in text, style, and organization.

The Unnatural Brunette

The Book of Shadows is a personal book (by an individual or coven) which records spells, divination and other magickal workings of that person or coven.


no. the bible is considered to have been written by god’s chosen to tell them how to live and what to do, etc. A– book of shadows is a private very sacred collection of a witches thoughts, learning experiences, drawings, spells, and anything else she/he feels right to put in it. in my opinion the book of shadows is much more sacred than the bible because it is a collection my most personal stuff. I would loan my bible to someone, but nobody touches my book of shadows.


A Book of Shadows can also be called a personal Grimoire. It is a pagan practitioners sacred journal that contains their research, thoughts, rituals and ceremonies. A practitioner might have many books of this type, one for each subject matter. Such as one for rituals and ceremonies, one for spells, one for research, one as a log or journal about their spiritual experiences, one for healing and so on.
The bible is a common book of agreed upon scripture about the Christian faith. It doesn’t belong to any one person, which is probably why there are so many versions of it.


A book of shadows is a personal journal of your spiritual progress.
The bible is a book of dogma that all christians are supposed to follow.


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