Is the Blair Witch Project a true story?

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I’ve found some sites that say it is and some that say it isn’t. I just wanna know if that really happened.

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no it was like cloverfield mad like a documentary* to be real


no, just a myth so ive reseached on…


No it was a movie, fiction. When it first came out there were a lot of claims that it was found in a camera in the woods around the area where it was filmed. Genius marketing for the film yes, still fiction.
There are many such stories all over the world. Haunted places etc… This film simply capitalized on these and very well.
It is a good movie though, but the second one was really sucky to 10th power.


No its not. Just a second rate movie.

Ariana <3

no, its not true. just a movie


No it’s not true.
When it was released in theaters, everyoone thought it was a true story until the actors appeared on Saturday Night Live.
But it’s fake


But watch ‘An American Haunting’.
It is based on the true story of ‘The Bell Witch’.


It’s just a movie.


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