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Is the Bilderberg Group really planning on creating a New World Order?

Is the Bilderberg Group really planning on creating a New World Order? Are they really wanting to create an oligarchy and dominate the world?

I’ve been told that it doesn’t matter whether we have a Democratic or Republican president … that they’re all puppets of the Bilderberg Group. Is this true?


  • The Bilderberg Group is just one of several secret societies who recruit members from the ultra-rich families and whose purpose is to control most of the world’s money. And yes, both Democrats and Republicans have members in these groups. Their agenda is a New World Order with their elite members at the top of the heap.

    It is fairly common knowledge that The American government’s policies have largely been dictated by the leaders of a few big industries for a long time now (big oil, military/industrial manufacturers, banking, etc.)

    You can bet your life that Barack Obama was never recruited for any of these secret societies! And yet, all of a sudden we hear so-called conservatives warning us about this ‘New World Order’ as though it were some kind of new left-wing thing. Hey, these are the people who have supported the Bilderberg Group, the Skulls and Bones Society and all of the others – and they are the very people who have been trying to control the world with all of their secret dealings!

    They warn us that Barack Obama is trying to turn this country into a communist regime, but what they are really afraid of is that this upstart ‘peon’ from a working class family just might be able to lead the rest of the ‘have-nots’ to the formation of an old-fashioned democracy – you know, the kind of society where the citizens decide what the rules are going to be, the kind of country where people are free to elect their own representatives (not the candidates who are supported by the elite.) This is what is scaring all the Fat Cats to death!

  • very true, ive looked up everything about it..its been planned for like 50 years, they are all puppets, even obama..

    i don’t think it will be over night but the first step is taking over private businesses then nationalize the banks and healthcare..
    bush and obama already started taking over the private sector and obama is wanting to nationalize healthcare and banks

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