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Is the belief in reincarnation the most common human belief second only to belief in Deity?


  1. Not really since most that believe in reincarnation also have belief in Deity who are the cause of their reincarnation. The religion is best known as Karma which is more in depth than the belief of reincarnation.

  2. Many, many Jews are Reincarnationists (it’s taught and celebrated in Jewish scripture) and many Christians are Reincarnationists too, but closeted. I’ve personally known quite a few of this type, included a devoutly Christian Methodist minister. He wrote many sermons inspired by his beliefs, but never told his parishioners of his reincarnationism, because he knew very few of them would be capable of understanding this particular “mystery.” Jesus also spoke in parables about the doctrine of karmic balances and the godliness every individual is capable of.
    Another very devout, church-going Christian – and a southern traditionalist in many ways – was Edgar Cayce, who helped bring reincarnation out of the closet for many believers in Jesus. And many people across the globe who have no particular religious beliefs recognize the truth of reincarnation. So yes, I would agree reincarnation is one of the most universal beliefs in existence. It always has been and surely always will be, as more and more skeptics finally open their minds to its reality.


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