Home Discussion Forum Is the base Chakra located on the gooch?

Is the base Chakra located on the gooch?

The earth Chakra of survival? Gooch? Serious question need serious answer please


  1. Remember that all Chakra points are located inside the body, along the neural pathways. The base Chakra is located in the groin area, but inside about 2 inches.

  2. It is the spot between the genitals and the anus. I find that I can describe where it is easier on a male…it’s the sweet spot below your balls along the line. I don’t mean to be crude but it is very sensitive and highly erotic to the touch for men, that’s exactly where the base chakra is.

  3. the root chakra is in the groin, yes. The earth chakra is beneath the feet, about one to two feet I’m hearing. Two different chakras.

  4. Everyone that has answered has been correct. Do you know about the Base or Root Chakra?
    Root or Base Chakra
    Colour AssociationRed
    Sanskit NameMuladhara
    LocationBase of spine, coccyx
    LessonSurvival—The right to exist. Deals with tasks related to the material and physical world. Ability to stand up for oneself and security issues.
    ImbalancesAnemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression. Frequent colds or cold hands and cold feet.
    Root StimulantsPhysical exercise and restful sleeps, gardening, pottery and clay. Red food & drink. Red gemstones, red clothing, bathing in red, etc. Using red oils such as ylang ylang or sandalwood essential oils.


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